New York City ‘Friends’ pop-up

ABC News’ Will Ganss talked to some original cast members about the show's legacy, where their characters are today, and a possible reunion.
4:11 | 09/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York City ‘Friends’ pop-up
They've been there for you for two and a half decades. Friends celebrating its 25 anniversary this is everybody's Chandler and Phoebe and Joey and my brother trusts. So after ten seasons 62 primetime Emmy nominations and millions of fans around the world. How does one celebrate 25 years of friends. How about a trip down memory lane with real friends crops. Friends set pieces that iconic hair cut the Rachel. All added immersive and interactive 8500 square foot exhibit. Right where friends took place New York City. Complete with some of the original cast members. Lol my god. It's. Maggie Wheeler who played tennis popping into the pop up spilling some secrets from the sense. That iconic Janice laughs. Not scripted. In the first scene that I shot with Matthew we will only thing I thought this guy is hilarious like what am I gonna do he's gonna crack me up. So I thought well I better come up with a laugh this character has to be able to laugh or I'm never gonna make to the scene. And that's when I just looked at him and went. At that. And how about Doug there's legendary platinum hair dealer James Michael Tyler the actor who played him explain. It's pieces probably the best happy accident and mistake I've ever made in my entire life here the evening before when and has an extra. For the first of sort of friends. From a mine somebody let me bleacher Arum trying to impress serious violence also broke away that's fine but so are when I'm with the white here. And I had to keep it for ten years because of producers loved it. But you know what I don't know to would have been a gone there unless you have problem. Gunther are not friends fans who come by the pop up can celebrate. 25 years of the show inside a recreated central birth and treat themselves to coffee on the classic counts diehards can also channel their inner Monica. Meant that the American. Or bronze. They that good. But boy. Joey. Go ride my clothes and I'll Wear it everything you won't. The whole game. What is it about friends that you think has such staying power wire folks still so in love with the show 25 years after compared. And so Europe's friends become your family and then people resonate without. Which is why at its peak friends brought in more than fifty million viewers per episode the real actual friendship and love. On that set you know you feel it when you're watching the show and if you're wondering what these classic characters might be up to you today. Hopefully Gunther is over Rachel why no. And hopefully that would have been a long time ago will cause us just kind of unhealthy Kabila's up and for Janice I think she's designing clothing I think he has a line and. Or left bank everything. Do you ever wish that she ended up with Chandler of course. Absolutely. And of course I had to ask is there any chance that everyone will come back together for a movie for. One episode 22 minutes is do you think there's any help like honey at the bought step. I'll be there. If you don't even have a plan for how to celebrate the 25 anniversary don't worry it's a moo point. It's like theaters all over the country we'll show twelve episode of episodes of friends on the big screen for the first time ever beginning this weekend so iconic iris your article that Lisa Kudrow said she's never seen an episode. I mean why Stevie Stevie. Now they have as big fat love. He.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"ABC News’ Will Ganss talked to some original cast members about the show's legacy, where their characters are today, and a possible reunion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65714293","title":"New York City ‘Friends’ pop-up","url":"/WNN/video/york-city-friends-pop-65714293"}