New York Pet Fashion Show

ABC News' Will Ganss visits the event where four-legged fashionistas strut their stuff.
3:15 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for New York Pet Fashion Show
And I. They make quality cat walk. But on the eve of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show the runway belongs to these designer died spray on could Chopra who. All these dogs here they have a special hour it's called. Which is probably Reilly's John a pretty a guy. The theme of this sixteenth annual New York pet fashion show being masquerade ball for animal rescue. Everyone gathered in their canine couture for a good cause. Highlight animal rescue and adoptions take it back felt like I that we could ever possibly get. A masquerade sir but there was no masking this year's four legged fashion. Tiny titans a pet fashion converging on the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan's fashion district. From all over the world. Heard from the Philippines. Is gorgeous signing Columbia might be as sales. And they're prevent them flower festivals in managing Columbia. And even a domestic dog he's reaching across borders for that perfect pet paraphernalia. Apparently is planning a news does not by Darlene had seized from Canada. And ethanol hand makes me. Can make flowers that are spins to look like flowers outfits check but what else does a four legged NASA needs to needs for its successful runway show. Energy. In the form of non G and low organic treats served up on a literal silver platter. And since it's good enough for the GG in delicate heat of the pet fashion world. All for the art and cheers. It tastes like chicken eclectic group got a most scooby snack it's time to talk the most important doggie designers in the game Anthony rubio accompanied by his models usually show Wallace. And a real human model. I think this out like way in advance work. Did they ever get jealous of each other top absolutely absolutely felt icy want to battle for the other semi okay that he did it is why you wearing that slightly I've personally if jealous supposedly outfits. And the world's youngest pet fashion designer and served Ari as brown. I didn't want to inherit will soon give back to. Actually speak out employees and sailed into the evening but while the outfits were certainly something to how live now. A wedding ceremony still has him faggot sparkle and Harry prince of details there they are right behind. Followed in front of course by the queen of England herself. And a black veritable exchanging not nuptials but options and the most highly anticipated wedding of the year. That canine good. The happily ever after for this tale of truth. Oh yeah I was really into it that royal wedding write a quad across the street from Madison Square Garden where one top dog will be crowned best in show. Tomorrow night we'll be your soul let's get it to you from that story you saw so much what was it like eating dog food. That's what we're gonna go back to how the after. Taste didn't love the after taste good at it why did you do it.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss visits the event where four-legged fashionistas strut their stuff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60989016","title":"New York Pet Fashion Show","url":"/WNN/video/york-pet-fashion-show-60989016"}