YouTube headquarters shooting shines light on importance of workplace safety

In the wake of the shooting in California, former FBI Special Agent and ABC News Contributor Steve Gomez talks about the need for security in workplaces of all sizes.
3:40 | 04/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube headquarters shooting shines light on importance of workplace safety
Let's get some more insight now from former FBI special agent and ABC news contributor Steve Gomez he's joining us live from LA. Steve not. Where the investigation. Goes with this new developments. It's kind of interesting and we have missed completely different picture of the suspect and we had. Just a couple of hours ago what do you do with that. It's a very different picture me at first we thought. Potentially. Domestic dispute have a situation or maybe even workplace violence but once it was determined that she had nothing to do with the company. Then of course the dispute part but now this latest development. That she had this issue we've YouTube over the number of accounts that she had that were. And Ann as she even cited other people that had the same type of problem. So this clearly from what it sounds like if that is the this mean issue she had. Was probably the motive which led her to drive up there looks like spend the night. And then wait for the right opportunity and to go went to the building and commit the attack. So Steve let's talk about this for second so we're learning that she was possibly a disgruntled user for YouTube YouTube has been cracking down lately on content. We've heard about FaceBook which is an area a lot of people have been angry at FaceBook and a lot of these social media platforms this sort of alarming because there are a lot of people who are angry out there. That many of their social media. Yes and companies like YouTube and FaceBook and many of the companies they have to think of themselves like a bank in some ways. Where there is a reason for people out there to target them for this kind of violence it whether they know somebody there YouTube. Or it's the company itself that the are targeting. Because. They have they are right in the middle of controversy legal issues and they should know that. So they have to understand that they have to have security measures in place to prevent somebody from just walking into the building at a certain moment and going out and start shooting everybody ready did. But Stephen turns a targets no first government buildings those are financed under security got airports and we started talking about soft targets like concerts. We got metal detectors there schools now do regular shooter drills I mean do we all have to do this in our office place now. I believe we do we all have to recognize. No matter what type of organization you work for. If you are somehow in a situation where there could be friction it could be just a simple. Five person business. And if you think that there is some type of friction that could result and some have a workplace violence yet to recognize that security is an issue. Now I'm not saying that you garnered high security guards for a fight person company. But you have to recognize that you maybe have to have some liaison will law enforcement may be talked to a private investigator you just do your due diligence. Depending on the steal of the company to ensure that nobody ever gets hurt. At your facility while this was a facility in 19100 employees there on that campus you'd think they would have had. Quite a bit of security there and play Steve. It exactly especially when you're going about. I mean people are not going to be happy about that and all the way our society has become lately. All person needs is some bad thing to happen in their life and they decide to go out there and commit this type of back. In her case it looks like she was not well trained she was not here for this because. Is it looks like from what we hear there were no victims that that died. She's the only one that from a self of the problems preparing still interferes with three people it's pretty sad is the case may be unanimous there capsules. That's state of affairs that we even have to think about this Steve but thanks for your advice always appreciate it. And of course we're gonna continue our coverage on this breaking story and the developments that we're learning throughout the morning but.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"In the wake of the shooting in California, former FBI Special Agent and ABC News Contributor Steve Gomez talks about the need for security in workplaces of all sizes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54224684","title":"YouTube headquarters shooting shines light on importance of workplace safety","url":"/WNN/video/youtube-headquarters-shooting-shines-light-importance-workplace-safety-54224684"}