Zach Efron Caught in a Brawl

A bottle-throwing incident may have gotten the heartthrob into trouble.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for Zach Efron Caught in a Brawl
After the -- and a story from TMZ that reads like a Hollywood movie only involves a real life Hollywood star. Back out front and his bodyguard ended up in a sketchy area of downtown LA when they say they ran out of gas on teens -- is reporting that someone threw a bottle out of their vehicle which shattered an angered several -- Indians that happened to be around. Well that's up. -- AT&T says no one was arrested because the police viewed the situation is quote mutual combat. Lots of questions about this one of course that -- was in rehab twice last year. The less than two months after the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman the luxury New York apartment where he overdosed is back on the market. The two bedroom two bath Condo in Greenwich Village will be renting for just over 101000 bucks a month. Now it has ten foot wooden beam ceilings nine oversized windows wood burning fireplace and two spa -- -- moved into the fourth floor apartment last fall the listing makes no mention of the former famous resident. The singer Adele playing her cards close to the best about her upcoming album one collaborator -- header one republic says she and no one else will decide. This third album will be ready. The last -- three years ago -- also isn't sure whether I -- -- score after releasing the album. There are reports that she suffers from stage fright but he doesn't think that that will be as big a factor in the decision afternoon mother had not. We'd sell thirty million albums -- says you can do it every -- It's -- hard act to follow when you have such smashing success but I got a -- going to be great idea I can't imagine her putting out something that wasn't right right she's. She's just so wonderful that voice yeah -- -- -- Classic. All right Fleetwood Mac they are back together again going on the road the big news that Christine -- -- is rejoining van keyboardist and singer left in 1988 in her words to. With the country life but now apparently that's over. Whelan Max on -- on -- the showed toward kicks off September 30 with 34 shows -- 33 cities tickets go on sale on my. Uday and -- being back in the -- they'll be able to perform some signs that Nolan is her live in a very very long. Business into the players everybody in the hands -- like star mineral -- yet to -- about. All right great news for fans -- game throngs -- -- -- serious and the TV showed George RR Martin has released a new chapter from his upcoming book. The winds of winter and. Now -- the latest installment in the song of ice and fire series now -- isn't finished reading the book yet and that has -- concern among fans of the hit HBO show. Which happens to be based on the book now they're worried that -- won't be finished writing his book by the time the TV show's plot catches up. The fourth season of the show will premiere on April 6 that season is based on the second half of the third book -- -- got all that. I was to got a few celebrity birthdays today country singer Reba McEntire. Does the rebel -- 59 and looking great from. After his bond is -- to today actress Julia Stiles 33. And singer lady got out all right let me try -- get this is Stephanie JoAnne Angelina. German not a -- She was no insurance -- in 1986 is 28 years young today having -- globulin. The very old -- got us.

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{"id":23095292,"title":"Zach Efron Caught in a Brawl","duration":"3:00","description":"A bottle-throwing incident may have gotten the heartthrob into trouble.","url":"/WNN/video/zach-efron-caught-brawl-23095292","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}