11-Year-Old Lung Recipient Sarah Murnahan Leaves Hospital

Pennsylvania girl's lung transplant sparked a national dialogue over the age of recipients.
2:00 | 08/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 11-Year-Old Lung Recipient Sarah Murnahan Leaves Hospital
100 feet. She has so many rooting for her and now tonight the little girl who spent six months in the hospital getting a new set of lungs is home and looking forward to starting her new life. Abc's linzie janis on a homecoming. Reporter:11-year-old sarah murnaghan is home tonight after two lung transplants and more than six months in the hospital. She's looking forward to being a regular little kid. Reporter: She was dying of late stage cystic fibrosis and the murnaghans sued to get her on the adult transplant list, something she was denied. Her parents reached out to the media months ago in hopes of highlighting her plight and sparked a national debate over transplant rules. In june, a federal judge ordered a temporary halt to the so called under 12 rule and sarah got her lungs. After her little body rejected the first pair, doctors tried a second transplant three days later. So far they say her prognosis is good. How does it feel to be home? Good. Reporter: Sarah's parents say they'll continue the fight the under 12 rule but some say sarah's case may have sent a press sent for allowing medical decisions to be made in the courtroom. People not ask whether it's fair for lungs to be ail indicated for people who can create the biggest media splash. Reporter: She's sharing her plans for recovery in her first post transplant interview. You're not going to be easy. I'm just going to be possible and what's in front of me right now is possible. Reporter: Wisdom, her parents say, comes from a lifetime of being a fighter. Linzie janis, abc news, pennsylva

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{"id":20088260,"title":"11-Year-Old Lung Recipient Sarah Murnahan Leaves Hospital","duration":"2:00","description":"Pennsylvania girl's lung transplant sparked a national dialogue over the age of recipients.","url":"/WNT/video/11-year-lung-recipient-sarah-murnahan-leaves-hospital-20088260","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}