19-Year-Old Renisha McBride's Death Sparks Outrage

Young women stumbled onto a porch in Detroit suburb where she was shot and killed.
1:52 | 11/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 19-Year-Old Renisha McBride's Death Sparks Outrage
Also tonight a story out of detroit sparking debates around kitchen tables. A young woman shot dead on a stranger's porch in the dead of night. She was black. The gunman white. And her family says she just needed help. The gunman is claiming self defense. But today, he was charged in her murder. Abc's alex perez. Reporter: This 19-year-old's death sparked out rage. Her family arguing she was a victim of racial profiling, prosecutors charged this man with second degree murder. It all began earlier this month in this mostly white neighborhood in michigan. McBRIDE LEFT THE CAR ACCIDENT About 1:30 a.M. Apparently looking for help. Tests show she had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system. As well as marijuana. About two hours after the accident, she wandered to this porch. By all reports she was unarmed. There were no signs of forced entry to the home. Reporter: Police told the detroit free press, the homeowner claims he believed the girl was breaking into the home. And that the gun discharged accidentally. According to authorities he fired a 12 game shotgun fatally striking her in the face. Yes. I just shot someone on my front porch. Reporter: Prosecutors don't buy his reported story. We obviously do not feel that the evidence in this case feels that the dchd acted in lawful self defense. Reporter: Doug godfrey believes the racial overtones in this case are impossible to ignore and there is another key factor. The fact she's a woman also plays a role in this case. Absolutely. How does an unarmed 19-year-old woman represent that threat? Against a 54-year-old man, who has a door between them. Reporter: Alex perez, abc news, chicago.

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{"id":20907064,"title":"19-Year-Old Renisha McBride's Death Sparks Outrage","duration":"1:52","description":"Young women stumbled onto a porch in Detroit suburb where she was shot and killed.","url":"/WNT/video/19-year-renisha-mcbrides-death-sparks-outrage-20907064","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}