2012 Election: Recounts and Other X-Factors

Mathew Dowd and Donna Brazile discuss the variables that could affect the election results.
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2012 Election: Recounts and Other X-Factors
The Specter of any recount could be an X-Factor as we just said in the selection until we asked. Two of our political team our powerhouse insiders about other X factors ABC's political consultant Matthew Dowd has been a war rooms for Republicans and Democrats and Donna results. Who was there every step of the way with Al -- during that recounts how Matt let's start with -- -- do you have X factors in your pocket something we haven't thought up -- I think there's two things actually and I think there's always a surprise on election night and you know obviously we don't know what that is but I think two things a look at the first is Arizona. I think nobody is targeted Arizona. It's it's a state that Mitt Romney thinks he's gonna win automatically but it's a state that wasn't carried overwhelmingly by John McCain. But I think the rise of the Hispanic population how badly Mitt Romney's doing it could be close I don't think he's gonna carry the president but it could be very close election act so I'd watch that. The other thing that -- take a look at. Is the third parties in this which means that the third parties if they take two or 3% of the vote in some states. Could lead to state to one of the other that percentage means somebody can win a state with 49% of the vote and not 50% of the -- -- watch the third parties. In some of these states like Virginia. And Florida some of the close states a third party could push it to one side of the -- -- -- haven't been talking about those third party candidates oh how they're going to Jordan Doris thank you Matt and Donna Wenatchee and X-Factor. Oh absolutely look we all know in 2500. In 37 both separated -- George W. Bush from Al Gore and yeah. Hough thought about -- but we're much closer together these days. What Diana I'm worried about of course all of the uncertainty that comes -- Election Day over 34 states tried to. But changed their vote in new rules whether require people to still IDs. All a perch in people the last minute change in voting sites here in New York they're going to allow people to vote. No -- -- show up so I think it's important to remind every eligible eligible citizen that they have a right to vote if this dead than alive when the polls close tomorrow night. -- -- still cast their ballots and -- Bring your voter registration -- bring. Please bring that is well so two forms of ID I would you have a I would bring three. Still it. Disabilities say -- -- just grain and farm bill that light bill I'm gonna have heard a basket at all -- -- -- and that's settling -- -- remember. If -- stand in line tomorrow night when the polls closed. You eligible this catch your ballot.

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{"id":17648720,"title":"2012 Election: Recounts and Other X-Factors ","duration":"3:00","description":"Mathew Dowd and Donna Brazile discuss the variables that could affect the election results.","url":"/WNT/video/2012-election-recounts-factors-17648720","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}