$50 Million in Diamonds Stolen on Belgium Runway

Professional robbers pull off heist in just 5 minutes.
2:11 | 02/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for $50 Million in Diamonds Stolen on Belgium Runway
Tonight, the police are stunned that eight professional robbers could swoop in on a passenger plane parked at an airport and make off with $50 million of diamonds in five minutes. How did they do it? And who are they? Abc's dan harris tonight on the big job. Reporter: This diamond heist is being called spectacular, daring and clinical. Something straight out of "ocean's 13." It was 7:47 p.M. At the airport in brussels. Passengers had already boarded this swiss jet. The precious cargo being loaded down below. What they couldn't seat? Two black vans had broken through a security fence. They raced across the tarmac, flashing blue lights, like cops. The eight robbers, wearing camouflage masks, dark police clothing and even, reportedly, the arm bands used by airport security, whipped out machine guns. In just three minutes, they grabbed the diamonds from the cargo hold. It took them only two more minutes to speed off through the exact same hole in that fence. It was all over in barely five minutes. So, this was a very quick hite hit and run. Very well organized. There has been no shooting there were no injuries. Reporter: Police later found a burned-out vehicle they believe was used in the heist. Suspicious will immediately fall on international rings who have carried out braisen broad daylight smash and grab jobs and even raided this mall on motor cycles. From an investigator spperspect perspective, what is your view of this crime? Sometimes the hound dog has to compliment the fox. Sometimes the detective has to tip his hat to the thieves. Reporter: Former nypd investigator nick casale says the thieves may have had military training -- and almost certainly had inside help. Today, we went to new york's diamond district with casale and rob zoland, a dealer. Is it possible to unload $50 million worth of diamonds? Can you find buyers for that? Probably without raising suspicion, I would say it could be kind of hard. Reporter: And there are other centimeters right now. Splitting the money and maintaining secrecy, with investigators all over the globe on their trail. I think, in the end, the good guys win this won. Reporter: Dan harris, abc news, new york.

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{"id":18541663,"title":"$50 Million in Diamonds Stolen on Belgium Runway","duration":"2:11","description":"Professional robbers pull off heist in just 5 minutes.","url":"/WNT/video/50-million-diamonds-stolen-belgium-runway-18541663","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}