Aid groups say more Syrian refugee children are getting chance to learn

UNICEF says there are now more than 300 schools in Lebanon.
2:47 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for Aid groups say more Syrian refugee children are getting chance to learn
Finally tonight here, we have been reporting for years on the child refugees from syria.their stolen childhood. More than 500 young refugees live right here in Lebanon, and whene first met them four years agoht on the news, man weing put to work. But thereerlso many here determined to G children back into the classroohey left behind. They are the faces of the children, the victims O the suspected chemical attack in Syria, horrifying the world. Now, seven years intos war, the children inside Syria and the children who managed to escape are stillfering. It was nearly four years ago, we first brought you to the Syrian with Lebanon where we will never fording that pickup truck with the children. You're going to work on the patatas? Patat Reporter: Yes. They were headed to the fields to work. The child refugees often wor here instead of their parents. Parents ar unable to find work. We witnessed those tractors Elling by dangsly close. And for so many of the children, afteurs of hard la W still saw the skip in their step, excited at E to attend school. This unicefsroom. And we asked thechildren, how many of them came here each of them raising their ha fresh from the fields. Proud of their hard work 50? The little B pnted to his back. It hurts youback? A littlebi yeah. You're trying to se at least part of thehildhood? Exactly. . Orter: Do you fear, though, that this is sort of the station? This is the big fear with everyone, particularly with unicef. Fear of the lost generation. Reporter: Now, four years after our firstvisit, T, unicef telling us there are M than 300 schools here I Lebanon where they are bringing those child refugees to learn. Unuments some of the children bei helped, seven years into this war. The 11-year-ol girl who gets on the bus every day G class. She says she loves math and science. The tri to give so many ofhe child at least some of their back. Cluding many children who came here witho parents, who were caught up in W others that moment when we rst visited, T of the children, Hoda achmed, her and sister, showed me their room beds we'll never forget the wor painted on tall, "Love me." This is your bed? ???Nk ??? Reporter: Hoda climbing up onto her bedits song. ??? What you are ??? never forget THA LE song. So many chin still in need here. Thanks for watching. (Woman) And if we follow

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"UNICEF says there are now more than 300 schools in Lebanon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54428507","title":"Aid groups say more Syrian refugee children are getting chance to learn","url":"/WNT/video/aid-groups-syrian-refugee-children-chance-learn-54428507"}