Airplanes and Safety

Most airplane accidents do not have to do with plane malfunction.
2:13 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Airplanes and Safety
So many people. Speaking about their own safety in the air and now to catastrophes involving the same airline just this year. ABC senior national correspondent -- -- on a very difficult year for aviation. For every hole heroics saved like captain Sully Sullenberger is engine list landing on the Hudson River after a bird strike. There are disasters in the air. Still last year 2013. Was the second safest year in history when it comes to deadly plane crashes 29 in all worldwide with 265. Deaths. The last fatal airline crash in the states was this AZ Anna 777. In San Francisco just over a year ago. Three passengers killed when the pilots landed short of the runway. A hard landing bouncing the tail section off the fuselage. It was ruled pilot error nothing wrong with the plane. In 2009. A similar story for Air France 447. The Airbus Jumbo jet crashing into the Atlantic after the pilots miss read an instrument all 228. Passengers and crew were killed. Aviation consultant John Nance says pilots relying too much on instruments is the biggest problem in an otherwise safe industry. Just want the -- on -- actual blast -- was so infuriating. To order the three people there who were systems operators and not pilots the planes themselves rarely fall. The most recent international incident was last month and it wasn't a crash at all. Two crew members and one passenger were hit by bullets on landing at the -- why -- airport in Pakistan. One later died the years real aviation mystery remains the other Malaysia flight 370. The triple seven -- disappeared between Kuala Lumpur -- in Beijing. All 239 souls onboard still missing and presumed dead. As well as the plane in any answers and now a second Malaysian triple seven. Brought -- it -- look a little like things are coming department you have to remember -- 93000. Flights over the earth every day commercial flights suddenly the safest way to travel looking less so on this dark day. Jim -- ABC news Washington.

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{"id":24611695,"title":"Airplanes and Safety","duration":"2:13","description":"Most airplane accidents do not have to do with plane malfunction.","url":"/WNT/video/airplanes-safety-24611695","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}