Allison Raite Talks About Explosions After Finishing Boston Marathon

Eyewitness account of terrifying Boston Marathon explosion.
2:55 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Allison Raite Talks About Explosions After Finishing Boston Marathon
And now we want to bring you more on that moment when those bombs went off at the Boston Marathon runners were crossing the finish line and one of them. One of those runners was a woman named Allison Richard joins us right now on the telephone. Alison first -- -- tell me exactly. Where you were what you saw what you heard. Hi -- I am I had yet crossed over the finish line com. And was getting my water in my mind -- all and all of that and I heard this -- explosion and and we all kind of -- in the earth kind of -- -- from Los Angeles -- like this bout kind of like an earthquake and and I now a lot of metal. People targeted failed -- transformer blew that and then immediately right after we heard another one. And it turned around and I -- all the metal gate with lock them. That dark nobody goes along with the fire and it smelled like fire and that we -- just started shuffling to that because after running. On to get out of the way can we didn't know what was going on -- So you could actually feel the ground shaking yet yet that and I felt everything around me in medical. And what do you know about the other runners your fellow runners have you heard from any of them do you know any who were injured. I do not have any friends that were injured thankfully. My friend finished. After me. The explosion happened right before they finish that I finished first and they're all -- I learned from FaceBook the -- social media. That is wonderful news for you and I'm so glad to hear how hard was it to make your way out of the scene and what was -- chaos was their panic. You know there was not a lot of -- -- I. I -- happy command really -- BAA -- -- an amazing job of getting everybody out of the way and orderly. And immediately ambulances started piling -- and we are against the -- out of the wait for that we didn't know what was going on. He didn't know how many people were injured I have since heard the report showing a -- devastating. This flies but at that point we didn't know anything that people -- we're very hall. I have to thing that ever -- very -- get moved out of the way how that professional work how quickly did you grasp what had happened. And -- -- quickly rumors started we started hearing people talk that there were the bomb and then there was another bomb. The amount that reality that was slightly exaggerated I gave her 26 -- I've been -- obviously that's not the case right now. Well again Allison and that was your first marathon running in Boston and and I just wanna say again that -- it was a harrowing day for you in so many more people we thank you for phoning in to us tonight thank you.

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{"id":18963735,"title":"Allison Raite Talks About Explosions After Finishing Boston Marathon","duration":"2:55","description":"Eyewitness account of terrifying Boston Marathon explosion.","url":"/WNT/video/allison-raite-talks-explosions-finishing-boston-marathon-18963735","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}