Warning From Amanda Knox's Mother

Mother of college student accused of murder in Italy has a message for Americans studying abroad.
3:31 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for Warning From Amanda Knox's Mother
And now more from amanda knox, the american college student who sat for an interview for the first time last night. She had spent nearly six years fighting the accusation that she killed her roommate in italy. She was a tabloid obsession, portrayed as a promiscuous american. All day you have been writing us a kind of ror jack test of reaction. Did you kill meredith kercher? No. Were you there that night? No, I wasn't there. So many of you wrote us about the lack of concrete evidence against her. In the bedroom of the murder, bloody shoe print, th hand print, the dna found on and inside meredith kercher's body, all belonged to a man with a known criminal record. Rudy guede. Not one speck of dna in that room from amanda knox. Please say she must have cleaned it. That's impossible. It's impossible to see dna, much less identify whose dna it is. But you also wrote us, you are still puzzled about her strange behavior after the murder. She says she was just off-balance and immature. At the police station, she said she was just stretching, but a female officer tested she did cartwheels. I never did a cartwheel. I did the splits -- but again, you can see that this does not look like grief? Does not read as grief. I think everyone's reaction to something horrible is different. As for that video we all watched that seemed to show her kissing her boyfriend dozens and dozens of times. We studied that tape. There were three quick kisses. The rest of the time she was staring into space. My friend had been murdered. And it could just have easily been me. And through it all, her family was there. Your dream for her? To come out and be happy and know that she's safe and know that she's loved. I think adding on to that is also having the kercher family clearly understand that amanda and raffaele had nothing to do with the loss of their daughter. And having them find closure for themselves. And this as a distant memory? No. I think it -- it will never go away. I tled to perugia to the house they all once lived. Now inhabited to bangladeshi immigrants, who showed me the tiny room of the murder, saying they barely heard of this case. I also talked to some of the thousands of college students there right now, who said, it's just a distant memory, that name, amanda knox. So too the 250,000 students who head abroad, what's your advice? Study abroad. Study abroad in italy. Just know your rights. Be in touch with your family. Be careful. And amanda knox says she hopes in years to come that she will be finished with this case, have a family of her own. She said she will tell her children to look closely at anything they put on their website, as if it could be used And as we said, amanda knox's book, "waiting to be heard," is on the book shelves now.

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{"id":19087693,"title":"Warning From Amanda Knox's Mother","duration":"3:31","description":"Mother of college student accused of murder in Italy has a message for Americans studying abroad.","url":"/WNT/video/amanda-knoxs-mother-perugia-italy-college-study-study-19087693","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}