America Enters Deep Freeze, Ice Storms in Forecast for Midwest

Harsh conditions expected as warmer temperatures collide with weather fronts.
2:08 | 01/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for America Enters Deep Freeze, Ice Storms in Forecast for Midwest
be after an arctic week across much of this country. Tonight, though, yet another system on the move from the midwest right into new england. Ice is on the way. Look at this tonight. Ice chunks the delaware river in new hope, pennsylvania. And this man walking across an icy lake in south haven, michigan. Take a look at the low temperatures expected overnight. This storm system will bring cold and dan the roadway, black ice. The greatest concern comes as those two systems collide right there. Warmer air pushing into that frigid air up north. Tonight, the extreme weather pictures already coming in. Abc's gio benitez leading us off. Reporter: Layer upon layer of ice is making travel so treacherous, even this police officer is having trouble driving straight. In north carolina, black ice is the biggest concern. I forgot that the roads were kind of icy and I turned sharply and hydroplaned. Reporter: Black ice sent this car off the road and for those getting around on foot it's not much better. This emergency room in ohio was filled up with patients who slipped and fell on ice. I was laying on my back in the snow for maybe 20 minutes. Reporter: You may remember this postal carrier in fulton, new york, where on wednesday we saw more than 3 feet of snow. Today, about a foot remains. How many layers do you have on? On the top, I have five. On the bottom, I have three. Then I have three on my head. Reporter: Wow, you're well prepared. I'm well prepared. I was a boy scout. Reporter: Another dangerous icy coat is forecast starting tomorrow, stretching from the midwest to the northeast, when warm air above clashes with cold surface air. We could pick up a quarter of an inch of ice on the surfaces. You put those on trees, power lines, causing very hazardous travel conditions. Reporter: Already, another Expected to bring more snow and rain early next week. And david, right now, the temperature here in new york city, 27 degrees. But black ice could really form in temperatures as high as 37 degrees. So, not necessarily freezing, david, make sure you look at that temperature gauge in your car.

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{"id":18325154,"title":"America Enters Deep Freeze, Ice Storms in Forecast for Midwest","duration":"2:08","description":"Harsh conditions expected as warmer temperatures collide with weather fronts. ","url":"/WNT/video/america-enters-deep-freeze-ice-storms-forecast-midwest-18325154","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}