American Doctor Rescued From Taliban

New details emerge after Colorado doctor is rescued in by Special Ops in Afghan raid.
2:38 | 12/09/12

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Transcript for American Doctor Rescued From Taliban
afghanistan. While the doctor was saved, one of the american warriors who was there to save him was killed. Dr. Dilip joseph was there to bring medical help to people in afghanistan. It was a daring operation by a team of special forces who freed him. But a short time ago, defense secretary pennetta about the rescue, saying the team put the safety of another american ahead of their own. Abc's muhammad lila with the story of the rescue in eastern afghanistan. Reporter: It happened under the cover of darkness. A joint american and afghan special forces raid to rescue this man. Dilip joseph, an american doctor working for a colorado-based charity, morningstar development. This is a team that has lots of training on hostage rescues. But until you get in there and actually do it, you never know what you are actually going to find. Reporter: Here's how it all went down. On wednesday, joseph and two afghan colleagues were returning from a medical clinic in a remote province when they were kidnapped at a check point along a highway by armed militants. They were then taken to a mountainous region along the pakistan border. The afghan captives were eventually released but joseph wasn't. Spending three terrifying days in captivity. When u.S. Intelligence showed joseph's life was in imminent danger, the military made its move. A hostage rescue mission is really, really dangerous and carries a high risk that the hostage him or herself could be killed. You never someone to authorize the mission. Reporter: The mission was authorized by general john allen. Special forces landsed by herself and setting off a fire fight leaving several afghans dead. He was lifted safely to bahgram air base but the victory came at the price. This morning a u.S. Service member injured died of his wounds. The ultimate sacrifice to save an american doctor who would have been killed. Muhammad lila with us. You were telling me you, not surprised that the kidnapping and the rose cue effort was kept a secret the whole time. That's right, david, in any kidnapping, the first 72 hours are critical. This is a civilian hostage. He doesn't have the survival training that a soldier does. So a decision was made that publicizing the kidnapping would further endanger his life. Our thoughts are the service member's family, thank you.

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{"id":17920473,"title":"American Doctor Rescued From Taliban","duration":"2:38","description":"New details emerge after Colorado doctor is rescued in by Special Ops in Afghan raid.","url":"/WNT/video/american-doctor-rescued-taliban-17920473","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}