A look at an American factory making suits for 3 decades

The New Bedford factory employs over 800 workers that sew more than 1,000 suits every day.
2:28 | 04/26/17

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Transcript for A look at an American factory making suits for 3 decades
And finally tonight, our visit to Boston today. I spent here as a reporter. We don't come for a visit without finding something made in America. So, tonight the American workers who would be very proud to fit you. Our made in America team all across new England, remember L.L. Bean and their signature boots? All made in Brunswick, Maine. And the team behind Randolph sunglasses, just outside Boston. Way to go! We tried them on, realizing we were better off leaving it to them. And tonight, our stop in new Bedford, Massachusetts. The sign right outside, they're hiring. Inside, the factory coming to life, just as it has now for 3 decades, 800 workers cut and sew more than 1,000 men's suits every day here for the brand, Joseph Abboud. And we went to find the man behind it. What a success story after all these years. You know that's a form of survival, isn't it? You know 30 years. Reporter: For 30 years, Abboud's suits, made in America. The New Bedford factory, just 30 miles from where he grew up, where his high school voted him best dressed. We looked back at your high school yearbook. Oh, yes. Okay, thank you for doing that. Pretty prophetic right. Well, it's amazing. Best dressed. I always thought that dressing will open doors. Reporter: And it did. And after years of success, he sold his business, his trademark, but had to say good-bye to his employees. Later, he began working with men's wearhouse. You left. You never thought you would work with your name again. I never knew if I would. Yeah, I didn't know. That's the incredible thing. Yeah. Reporter: Because it would turn out, the owner of men's wearhouse would buy Abboud's trademark back. Reuniting the man with his brand and his American workers. When I walked back into that factory for the first time after seven or eight years, it was a pretty emotional moment because all the people came up and embraced me it was like coming home again. Reporter: Right at home here, where Abboud says the people are the fabric of the success. We're very proud of that history because Joseph is an American designer. And we have an American factory. We have an American workforce. Reporter: And the workers here can spot their suits on the street. I feel proud. I feel proud of the people that I work with. It's a good feeling. Stitched together with those three words -- All: Made in America! Made in America and making America look good. At the office. We leave you tonight from historic quincy market. I'll see you back from New York tomorrow night. I'm David Muir. From all of us here, good night.

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{"id":47044150,"title":"A look at an American factory making suits for 3 decades","duration":"2:28","description":"The New Bedford factory employs over 800 workers that sew more than 1,000 suits every day.","url":"/WNT/video/american-factory-making-suits-decades-47044150","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}