American Inventors Pitch Their Ideas for a Chance to Win a Fortune

Make-or-break moment in competition for inventors who hope to score a deal with Wal-Mart.
4:20 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for American Inventors Pitch Their Ideas for a Chance to Win a Fortune
Tonight our made in america team. American inventors from across the country bringing their ingenius ideas to walmart which is ready to hand somebody a possible fortune. David muir there for the chance of a lifetime. These are the inventors tonight who were invited to make their pitch in person, narrowed down from more than 1,000 who sent in their videos from all over the country, all vying for a spot on walmart's shelf and one of them will get it. Reporter: Will it be gabrielle whose smart lock on your front door knows when you are coming home synced up with your cell phone. Or cynette thom and her gps for your dog. ALSO IN PLAY kimberly McCain who is thinking about your children and the new school year and the pencil erasers probably already worn down, showing me her e raeslet, it never wears out. You wearing it on your wrist. All of them among the 20 who got the call to make their pitch in person. The sgljudges are getting ready. I don't see j-lo. Richard and andrea. Among the first up, a dad from cincinnati with his team driving monitor. Two minutes to install his device in your teenager's car. The scariest day of a parents' life is the first night the kids get the license and we hand them the keys. Afterwards, no alert sent to his wife. He survived. The judges loved it. All of the contestants kept in a room, checking each other out. Even the dog eyeing the competition. That mom with the eraselet. I'm excited more than anything. Before I go in there I'm probably going to lose it. Reporter: She was the next up. I am with eraselet, the bracelet that erases. Reporter: She showed how it doesn't make a mess and doesn't wear out, but she was stressed out. It won't -- sorry. Reporter: The judges still loved it and loved her too. Waiting behind her, chris. Have you seen the judges yet? I haven't. You can peek in right there. Reporter: The stage director didn't like that. He brought his american made mini bungee cord. It attaches to your dog's leash. No more yanging the doing or their neck when they race for a squirrel. He starts his pitch. 11 billion. It -- sorry. All right. Should I start over? Reporter: All of this made in america, making him sweat. It's very hot in here. Reporter: They were racing in to help him. Is he going to be okay? Yes. Reporter: He was and they still loved his idea. You had the poor guy sweating. I know! Reporter: And then there was angel. I'm so stressed out right now. That's why I'm here. I want to wish you luck. Reporter: The mom from new orleans who battled cancer and won, now trying to win over the judges. They tried scarves and hats when she lost her hair. Nothing worked until her invention. Just a simple slip on cover that goes over your head, stays in plas, has elastic and is cute and stylish. Here I was in the prime of my life and everything was taken away from me. Reporter: The room silenced, the judges wiping away tears. How inspirational, the struggle that she had to go through. How do you feel? Good. Reporter: Waiting the wings onto the other contenders. Are you nervous? Reporter: Soon so were we. She and her dog got her big moment. The judges alarmed, she freeze. Tomorrow night. We were all rooting for her. We'll show you what happened tomorrow night. The gps on the dog collar was one of the things I heard about the most on twitter after last night's "world news." Can you see how difficult it's going to be for the judges and everyone at home. The judges are there to guide you through it but american shoppers decide in the end.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Make-or-break moment in competition for inventors who hope to score a deal with Wal-Mart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20299908","title":"American Inventors Pitch Their Ideas for a Chance to Win a Fortune","url":"/WNT/video/american-inventors-pitch-ideas-chance-win-fortune-20299908"}