American Killed in Egypt

The turmoil in the Middle East has claimed the life of American college student Andrew Pochter.
1:02 | 06/29/13

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Transcript for American Killed in Egypt
father received about their son studying abroad. He was teaching children english abroad when he was stabbed and killed by a protester as a tense demonstration unfolded in egypt. Abc's susan saulny reports. Reporter: He had gone to alexandria, egypt, for the summer to teach english and sharpen his arabic. A budding scholar on the middle east. Andrew pochter was 21, he would have been a junior this fall in ohio. He left home in maryland to work in pursuit of peace. But he found violence instead. Riots between opponents and supporters of egyptian president mohammed morsi erupted yesterday and andrew was there witnessing the protest as a bystander when he was stabbed to death. Opposition groups are trying to force morsi from power. At least seven are dead now and hundreds are injured. The state department has issued an advisory urging americans to postpone all but essential travel to egypt. David? Susan saulny in washington. Susan, thank you.

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{"id":19534656,"title":"American Killed in Egypt","duration":"1:02","description":"The turmoil in the Middle East has claimed the life of American college student Andrew Pochter.","url":"/WNT/video/american-killed-egypt-19534656","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}