American Olympic Athletes Arrive in Sochi

Athletes from Team U.S.A. arrive amid lingering security concerns.
3:00 | 02/01/14

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Transcript for American Olympic Athletes Arrive in Sochi
That's 10:00 P.M. Tonight. With the olympics in sochi only weeks away, the American athletes arriving, now word the giant meteor will appear again in much smaller form. Reporter: Good evening from sochi. Reporter: Gosome athletes arriving at olympic park. How some will come away with truly unique medals. For ten sochi champions gold medals are literally out of this world. Forged with tiny pieces of that meteorite that crashed into Russia last year. They go to the lucky athletes who win February 15th the anniversary of when the meteorite hit. Of more earthly concern tonight, lingering worries about security. But U.S. Officials now tell ABC news, they ran a simulation a few months ago and found holes in Russia's emergency response plan. While Russian authorities have done as much as they can to present an attack they haven't spent much time planning a response if something happens. And the U.S. Is making its own plan just in case. The FBI sent agents and now the Pentagon sent the second Navy ship to the black sea ready to help in case of emergency.

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{"id":22330993,"title":"American Olympic Athletes Arrive in Sochi","duration":"3:00","description":"Athletes from Team U.S.A. arrive amid lingering security concerns.","url":"/WNT/video/american-olympic-athletes-arrive-sochi-22330993","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}