American Olympic Gold in Sochi

American Sage Kotsenburg earns the first US gold medal in the snowboard slope-style final.
3:00 | 02/08/14

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Transcript for American Olympic Gold in Sochi
It's great to have you with us on a Saturday night. This move behind me one of the first mad meddle awarded at the sochi olympics American snowboarder sage kotsenburg waving the American flag. A moment of olympic triumph. There have been opening blunders as well. Look at the presidential lounge. President Putin those snow flakes that failed to turn into one of the rings. Tonight a clearer view of what the president saw. Switching that image to one recorded at a rehearsal. Putin in the presidential lounge seeing it as it should have been ABC news's Matt Gutman including the teammate stuck in the sochi bathrooms. We were warned the facilities had issues. Matt start us off with those victories tonight. Reporter: With that first goal from arguably America's highest flying athlete U.S. Is off to a soaring start. One up. One down. Daredevil sage kotsenburg flying high above these jumps as the Wright brothers first flight was long. It's definitely a big boy course. It separated the men from the boys for sure. Reporter: Those jumps so big the officials had to shave them down can last week. And in moguls. Taking bronze. All over Finland. The news wasn't all good. This is American figure skater Ashley Wagner after her performance at the team competition. Moments later after the judge's low score, this look of disbelief. To support the athletes, a smattering of Americans low key mostly. We're doing ice hockey, mens and womens We're doing curling. We're doing all of it. We're excited to be here. Reporter: Security remains tight. Following an attempt by a Ukrainian Friday to hijack a plane to sochi. Tonight he was demanding a release of prisoners. He was arrested while helicopters crisscrossed the nighttime sky over the opening ceremonies. Today this purple army. Security personnel insky pants imposing strict rules. Reporter: Right now we left the venue and tried to bring some American families out to talk to them. They forbid us from doing so. Nothing worked. These guys are extremely strict. Reporter: The most visible snafu, those five snowflakes supposed to melt into olympic rings. One malfunctioning. There's already a t-shirt memorializing the moment. John Quinn pushing through a jammed bathroom door. Busting through on his own. And there have been all those pictures of olympic glitches. Called sochi problems. It has 50% more followers than the official sochi olympic Twitter handle.

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{"id":22428478,"title":"American Olympic Gold in Sochi","duration":"3:00","description":"American Sage Kotsenburg earns the first US gold medal in the snowboard slope-style final.","url":"/WNT/video/american-olympic-gold-sochi-22428478","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}