Americans still stranded on Caribbean islands

Many Americans are trying to get out as conditions continue to deteriorate.
1:23 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for Americans still stranded on Caribbean islands
Meantime tonight, you are about to see what our team discovered when they landed on two islands, where Americans are still stranded, days after hurricane Irma. The urgent effort at this hour. ABC's David Wright, finally able to get into St. Martin. Reporter: Tonight, for the first time, we see the devastation in St. Martin up close, and the urgent effort to get people out. Flights have resumed here. Mostly aid coming in, more people trying to get out. And still, a huge backlog. Right over here is the main airport. And this is that famous beach where you can can practically reach up and touch the planes. Over here, the sunset beach bar, this surfboard remains, but not much else. We also went to tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, and met these two Americans helping out on their own. They live in Puerto Rico and happen to have a small plane. We stocked up at Costco before the storm and the storm didn't hit us, so we figured we'd bring it out here. Lots of water and everything. Now, we don't need it. We thought we'd bring it here. Reporter: And bringing people out. In this case, a grateful mother and her two children. Would love to stay, and I'm going to probably come back and help, but we need to get the kids in school somewhere. Reporter: The good news? Relief supplies are flowing in here. Buff as you can see, David, recovery is going to take some time.

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{"id":49858418,"title":"Americans still stranded on Caribbean islands","duration":"1:23","description":"Many Americans are trying to get out as conditions continue to deteriorate.","url":"/WNT/video/americans-stranded-caribbean-islands-49858418","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}