Arctic Blast: Frigid Air Turns Deadly

Wind chills plummet to 50 degrees below zero, 2 people die of exposure in Milwaukee.
2:38 | 01/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arctic Blast: Frigid Air Turns Deadly
And back here at home now, and to the blinding snow, the wind chills in some places Rea reaching 50 degrees below zero. Winter weather advisories coast to coast tonight. So many covering their faces, the brutal commute today. And images from upstate New York tonight, cars off the road, covered in ice and snow. This is the coldest air of the season. And look at this. It's moving in quickly tonight. The fast-moving cold front, an Alberta clipper on the move this hour. Rob Marciano with the new track right here in a moment. But first, ABC's Alex Perez in a very frozen Chicago tonight. Reporter: Blinding snow and deadly cold to start the first full week of 2015. Bundled up in Minneapolis. It felt like minus 30. In Wisconsin, rice lake covered in a sheet of ice. At least two dead in Milwaukee. Officals believe from exposure to the cold. Tonight, snow causing this pileup near Des Moines, Iowa. Up to two feet of snow pounding the great Lakes, from west Michigan to western New York. The biting cold, stretch, all the way to the deep south, where they're still cleaning up from at least nine tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama. In Washington state, flooding and landslides. Here in Chicago, frozen hydrants making it difficult for firefighters battling this overnight garage fire. Crews out in force keeping them clear. We took an infrared camera to show how fast heat escapes. Look at this hand. In just 45 seconds, red, Orange and yellow, the heat, disappear, and frostbite begins. There really is no time to spare. If you aren't dressed appropriately and the temperature is low and there's a huge amount of wind, your body ittemperature will drop, you could get frostbite, hypothermia. Reporter: And this is just the beginning the cold will be sticking around. Here in Chicago, temperatures will struggle to get out of the single digits all week. David? Alex, thank you. Really incredible to see how quickly the heat leaves your hand there. Rob Marciano, you said, much of the country is going to field this cold. Reporter: Yourself right about this. This is truly dangerous stuff. Minus 31 today. But first, we've got some snow to deal with. This is the clipper you spoke of. It's going to drop snow, probably four to eight inches across Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio. Lesser amounts in Chicago. It quickly moves to D.C. And filly. A couple of inches there, a dusting in New York. This opens the Gates to the really cold stuff. Watch this white line. Everybody north of that line will be below freezing on Thursday morning. New Orleans, mobile, Pensacola in the 20s. Teens in Atlanta. Single Numbers in New York and below zero from Chicago to Boston. This will rival the cold we saw last January. Rob, thank you. Now, to Boston tonight, and to the trial of accused Boston

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{"id":28017263,"title":"Arctic Blast: Frigid Air Turns Deadly","duration":"2:38","description":"Wind chills plummet to 50 degrees below zero, 2 people die of exposure in Milwaukee.","url":"/WNT/video/arctic-blast-frigid-air-turns-deadly-28017263","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}