Arnold Palmer: The Man, The Drink, The Legend

The renowned golfer discusses the secret of his famous beverage.
2:22 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for Arnold Palmer: The Man, The Drink, The Legend
And finally tonight, we were surprised to learn that one of the highest paid athletes in america is 83 and hasn't played in a quarter century. What made him so rich, of course, a random impulse, creating the drink we all love, the arnold palmer. But what is the secret of a perfect one? Abc's darren rovell went to find the man himself. As he dons the trational masters jacket -- Reporter: He is a seven-time major champion. Arnold palmer with that unmistakable swing and charm. Arnie's army is hanging on every stroke of their hero, arnold palmer. Reporter: But at 83, 25 years after his last tournament win, palmer's name is bigger than ever. In fact, in 2012, palmer earned more than any other golfer except tiger woods and phil mickelson, a cool $36 million. That's partly because one of the fastest growing beverages in the united states is the combination of two classics, iced tea and lemonade, that palmer himself popularized after ordering the concoction in a diner in the 1960s. I had a big glass of iced tea and I shared a little lemonade on it and mixed it up and boy was it good. Well, a lady at the table nearby head me do that and she said, "i want a palmer!" Reporter: Palmer didn't' make money off his namesake drink until recently when he teamed with arizona beverages. The arnold palmer brand did nearly $200 million in sales in the u.S. Last year. Don vultaggio, arizona's chairman. First, we put him on the can, then we make it taste good. Reporter: This is unbelievable. In this new jersey factory, they can't make it fast enough. Bottling, boxing and shipping it out. On this day, producing 600 cans a minute. Now, some of palmer's biggest customers are in the young crowd, who know him mostly as a face on a can. They sell it at my school. I have no idea who he is. Reporter: When we caught up with palmer this week, we asked him to make us an arnold palmer. What is the secret ratio again? Well, I'm going to keep it secret. Little iced tea. Reporter: Maybe 35% lemonade here? Close. Close. Reporter: Darren rovell -- cheers. Fantastic. Reporter: Abc news, orlando.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"The renowned golfer discusses the secret of his famous beverage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"18786235","title":"Arnold Palmer: The Man, The Drink, The Legend","url":"/WNT/video/arnold-palmer-man-drink-legend-18786235"}