Asiana Flight 214 Crash Sparks Call for Stricter Rules

Cecilia Vega reports the latest information in the investigation of the tragic airplane crash.
2:45 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Asiana Flight 214 Crash Sparks Call for Stricter Rules
We have late breaking news now about that crash landing in san francisco. The flight attendants already celebrated for heroism have an even more dramatic story to tell tonight. It turns out three of those young crew members were kalt putted out of the plane still straps in their seats. Cecilia vega on what we're learning right now. Reporter: Good evening. We just heard as you said from six of those flight attendants. We now know that six more remain hospitalized, this comes after today we hear from washington that stricter rules are coming after what happened here for u.S. Pilots. As the search through the wreckage continues here, the faa announcing today that first officers who fly passenger and cargo planes will have more training on the planes they operate and must increase their minimum flight time from 250 hours to 1500. This as investigators continue looking into the experience of the korean pilots at the helm of flight 214 and the real the aden at that time played to save so many lives, some carrying passengers twice their weight on their backs to safety. From their interviews the flight attendants revealed to investigators that they tried to expedite the passenger evacuation procedures by directing passengers to doors that with respect as crowded and they were also fighting the fire. Reporter: All 12 of the flight attendants were seated near the plane's exit. When it crash landed the tail ripped off and three attendants were ejected, sent flying onto the runway. They survived. Oh, my god, that's scary. Reporter: An merge shoot inflated inside the cabin, trapping another attendant who also survived. She was trying to give a signal to us by moving her hand like this. Translator: I hope for all the families who have suffered losses from this accident to recover as quickly as possible and they are all in my prayers. Reporter: Today members of that crew some in wheelchairs alongside the flight attendant, that sully sullenberger who we heard from earlier this week all finl headed home. We heard that the pilots told the flight attendants not to evacuate. An announcement was made telling passengers to remain seated. Are it was only when one of those attendants saw smoke in the cabin that the decision was made to bring the passengers to safety. That came a full 90 seconds after that plane came to a stop here. These are staggering stories again tonight. Thanks so much cecilia vega reporting in. Now rampaging floods to show

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{"id":19632753,"title":"Asiana Flight 214 Crash Sparks Call for Stricter Rules","duration":"2:45","description":"Cecilia Vega reports the latest information in the investigation of the tragic airplane crash.","url":"/WNT/video/asiana-flight-214-crash-sparks-call-stricter-rules-19632753","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}