Aurora, Colo., Gunman Kills Three in Standoff

Clayton Sandell has the story behind the tragic hostage situation.
1:12 | 01/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aurora, Colo., Gunman Kills Three in Standoff
Out of the headline out of Aurora Colorado this evening the town still reeling. After the movie -- shootings last summer overnight and into the morning hours there a gunman taking members of his own family hostage neighbors fleeing to safety. In the -- three people were killed before authorities shot and killed the gunman here's ABC's Clayton -- bill. The first shots rang out in the dead of night police told neighbors to stay down -- I'll be honest with you have never been so scared my life as police evacuated the neighborhood a man barricaded himself inside this town home shooting and hitting a swat team armored vehicle. He would not be talked out. Came to second story window. With a gun and fired upon his second time this -- giants. Return the suspect was -- The suspect was killed inside police found three more bodies to men and one woman. No names were released but police say at least some of the victims are related. It is just the latest gun tragedy in -- since last summer's movie theater massacre with investigators again asking why. That theater where twelve people were murdered last summer is just a few miles from here and many of the officers who responded here this morning. -- at that theater back in July.

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{"id":18140869,"title":"Aurora, Colo., Gunman Kills Three in Standoff","duration":"1:12","description":"Clayton Sandell has the story behind the tragic hostage situation.","url":"/WNT/video/aurora-colo-gunman-kills-standoff-18140869","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}