Authorities expect major disaster and record-breaking floods in Texas

The governor of Texas activates 1,300 National Guard troops and opens enough shelters to house 41,000 evacuees.
5:04 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for Authorities expect major disaster and record-breaking floods in Texas
Authorities warning of a major disaster in Texas. Not just the winds, but possible record-setting floods. And Harvey isn't going anywhere. Once it hits, it will be there for days. Matt Gutman, live in corpus Christi, Texas. Matt, what are you seeing already? Reporter: It's not just about seeing, it's about feeling the storm. Hard to stand up in this wind and the rain is coming down, what seems like rivers. Incredibly, there are still people on the roads. Harvey is really beginning to sink its teeth into Texas. But this is just a jab. The full punch is still coming. Harvey is smashing into the gulf coast tonight. It's the most powerful storm to hit the U.S. In over a decade. From space you can see the monster storm sprawl over the gulf, already spawning tornado warnings. Pushing a mountain of water before it, that storm surge plowing into padre island. Winds stripping bark from trees in port o'connor. The wind is really picking up. The rain coming down hard. Pelting you, it feels like there are little needles pounding your eyes at this point. And the hurricane is still probably 100 miles out. And this massive storm is still intensifying. Texas' governor activating 1,300 National Guard troops, opening enough shelters to house 41,000 evacuees. This is going to be a very major disaster. Reporter: Officials in rockport warning staying could mean dying. You would make some preparation to mark your arm with a sharpie pen, with your social security number on it. Reporter: We drove there this afternoon. This place is a ghost town. FEMA warning this could be a "Very significant disaster" for Texas, as president trump was briefed in the oval office. With just hours before landfall, shelves all over the storm zone are bare. Evacuation routes, choked with those trying to flee. This is the line to get gas. Absolute insanity over this hurricane. Reporter: Traffic jams at the gas stations, not letting up. Now some pumps even running out of fuel. Hurricane hunters tracking windspeeds near they eye, topping 120 miles per hour. The storm, now a major hurricane. But landfall is only the beginning. Some spots expected to get a 12-foot storm surge and nearly 3 feet of rain. Cory Davis and her family boarding up, fearful that wall of water could devastate port o'connor. I'm scared, so I will do everything I can to protect our little place down and here, and hope and pray for the best. Reporter: It's the kind of deluge they hoped to flee. We had to leave the rv on our island, so we're worried we won't have a home to go back to. Reporter: They could only get as far as Corpus Christi because she's due for a "c"-section. Tens of thousands of Texas residents ordered to flee. But some, like Janice Moore staying behind, believing her home is stronger than Harvey. I feel like most residents do need to need to leave because they don't know what they're doing but I do know what I'm doing. Reporter: Harvey is expected to sit over the gulf coast, pummeling it for days with effects felt for hundreds of miles. After Texas' governor indicated people in Houston should evacuate, Texas' mayor indicated people should stay put for now. Let's get back to Matt, we see the winds, and the temperature of the water really fueling Harvey tonight. Reporter: That's right. At this time of year, the water is always warm. You see it royaliiling behind me. 87 degrees, turbo charging the storm, bringing the wind and moisture. Thank you. They believe the eye of the

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"The governor of Texas activates 1,300 National Guard troops and opens enough shelters to house 41,000 evacuees. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49428924","title":"Authorities expect major disaster and record-breaking floods in Texas","url":"/WNT/video/authorities-expect-major-disaster-record-breaking-floods-texas-49428924"}