Authorities Question Bombing Suspect's Wife

Asia Bidi voluntarily submits to questioning in UAE, officials say.
2:33 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Authorities Question Bombing Suspect's Wife
We begin tonight with a major developments after bombs were left in New York City and New Jersey tonight the FBI now questioning someone else his wife. Right here tonight this new surveillance video showing the suspect walking down a New York street. Authorities say he was about to place those bombs. Also we are now learning about the father he is alert to the FBI and what he once called his own son. Now of course the wife being questioned was the suspect acting alone. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross leading a soft with new charges just coming in tonight. Federal officials confirmed tonight that they had been warned about accused bomber a Monroe Humi. Seen in this Chilean surveillance tape allegedly about to plant bombs in his suitcase and backpack the warnings came from his own father Mohamed Rahal. Who told reporters outside his home today that he met with the FBI in 2014. And what did you tell them. But the FBI said today the father later re Kansan his allegations and the sun was never questioned by the FBI. They found that there was not enough there to continue the investigation. And. The father's allegations came after his son yearlong trip to Pakistan which is now a key to the investigation. Officials tonight are reviewing photos posted on FaceBook of the accused bomber Wally in Pakistan Rahal me also married and had two children with this woman. Osce a BB. Who came into the US at Kennedy Airport in May 2014. And then left the US three months ago in June. Tonight officials say she was stopped at the airport in Dubai and interviewed today by the FBI. These who are trying to get a picture of him. Through her that's gonna open up a lot war avenues of investigation. After raw honey was caught Monday in the shootout with police authorities say they found a personal journal in his pants pockets which contained anti American rants and praise for the late radical Islamic cleric Anwar on lucky. Comes allows a lot less inspired so many US terror plots all right so let's get right to Brian Ross tonight Brian we heard you report that the wife left three months ago now being questioned tonight what about other family members. When David his mother left the US last month and authorities aren't certain where she is there are also focusing on at least one brother who they believe is an Afghanistan. In a said the have a substantial influence on the suspected bomber. And David late today federal prosecutors filed their own charges against a hotly including counts of detonating weapons of mass destruction. All right Brian you'll stay on the.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Asia Bidi voluntarily submits to questioning in UAE, officials say.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42236495","title":"Authorities Question Bombing Suspect's Wife","url":"/WNT/video/authorities-question-bombing-suspects-wife-42236495"}