Baby Gorilla Delivered in Rare C-Section

An emergency rare C-section is performed on a baby gorilla in the San Diego Zoo.
3:00 | 03/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Gorilla Delivered in Rare C-Section
Finally tonight here a special delivery. We're getting new word this evening on the condition of the baby gorilla born at the San Diego zoo. We learned one of the doctors coming to the rescue usually caring for human newborns. But she took the call. Reporter: Tonight, more of those remarkable images from inside the kind of maternity ward we rarely see. This is a baby gorilla just three days old now. The video filmed by the San Diego zoo look at the little face moments after an emergency c-section. The gorilla gave birth Imani 18-years-old. In labor for 12 hours. When unexpected complications forced the veterinarians to take drastic measures that rare c-section in an attempt to save both lives. They did. And this evening we've learned that they're actually brought in doctors who normally take care of newborn human babies instead now helping that baby gorilla. She's a lot stronger when she grabs your hand it's very difficult to release her grip because she's used to that hers instinct to grab her mom. And she grabs you with her hands and feet. Reporter: C-sections may be a common humans, but they are extremely rare for gorillas. This is the first time for the San Diego zoo. Tonight that little baby weighing four pounds, 6 ounces she could weigh more than 215 pounds when she grows up. But, she's not out of the woods yet still in critical condition. Doctors though, optimistic. I never anticipated I would have to take care for a gorilla, but all the work is identical to what I'm doing with this baby. And like a human baby she's entertaining the doctors with those early moves those early sounds. She kicks. She's vocal. She looks around. She can hold her own head up which is pretty amazing. As for her mother back outside. And having a snack. The mom is doing wonderful. In this business for 22 years, these animals never cease to amaze me. A face only a mother and entire country can love.

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{"id":22928441,"title":"Baby Gorilla Delivered in Rare C-Section","duration":"3:00","description":"An emergency rare C-section is performed on a baby gorilla in the San Diego Zoo.","url":"/WNT/video/baby-gorilla-emergency-section-performed-san-diego-zoo-22928441","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}