Backlash Over President Obama's New Plan on Gun Control

President side-steps Congress with an executive action saying, "Carnage is not the price of freedom."
2:55 | 01/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backlash Over President Obama's New Plan on Gun Control
President Obama breaking into tears at the White House today taking executive action. The families there with him wanted it but many in this country did not. There is now outrage some calling it overreach. President wiping away tears as he talked about the youngest of victims among them the children of new town some of their parents apple White House today. The president's action will bring more background checks amid polling eighty fought percent of Americans support more checks. But there was also that back last tonight we begin would ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Tonight the president making headlines for more than his controversial move but his tears as well from every family who. Who never met that their loved one would be taken. From paralyzed by a bullet from ago. Every time I think about those kids. It gets me mad. Those children the victims of sandy hook and behind the president today. Families of victims from countless shooting rampages. He remembers Amal. And the daily carnage as well and by the way it happens on the streets of Chicago every. When it's hear it was coming out of spaces. But it would you think things I'll tell us authentic I think he's pay his fair share survivors like us. But his tears drawing fire too today mr. Obama taking executive action on his own. Now roaring the loophole that allows weapons to be bought without a background check at gun shows and online curry more agents to conduct background checks. And asking congress for 500 million dollars. To provide better access to mental health services but opponents were equally determined the National Rifle Association issued a statement saying. The proposals would not have prevented any of that horrific events he mentioned and GOP presidential candidates were denouncing the president's action. President Obama's executive actions limiting gun rights. Wall restrict our law abiding citizens. These orders today I believe are not worth the paper they are with written on. If there's an issue related to the federal gun laws of the ought to go to congress and try to forge consensus to make it happen and have this power. And Pierre Thomas with us now live from the White House tonight and here we mention that hole number from pew showing 85% of Americans. Walk more background checks but there's also this tonight. But it is chart gun sales spiking after President Obama was first elected. And jumping every time there is a mass shootings of Pierre it is clear that many argue that guns are not the problem here. That's right David after the San Bernard and terror attacks the FBI saw a record number of people attempt to buy guns. Here Thomas on the story all day Peter thank you.

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{"id":36108261,"title":"Backlash Over President Obama's New Plan on Gun Control","duration":"2:55","description":"President side-steps Congress with an executive action saying, \"Carnage is not the price of freedom.\"","url":"/WNT/video/backlash-president-obamas-plan-gun-control-36108261","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}