Suspended in the Biggest Scandal in Baseball's History

Alex Rodriguez still taking the field in Chicago tonight as he appeals his suspension.
3:01 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Suspended in the Biggest Scandal in Baseball's History
this monday night and tonight america's sport major league baseball is making good on a promise to clean up the game. 12 big stars banned for the rest of the season for cheating with drugs. While another one, superstar alex rodriguez vows to fight to the bitter end. There he is showing up for the game tonight. Abc's matt gutman at his home field, yankee stadium tonight. Reporter: It seemed that major league baseball wanted to make an example of its highest paid player, specifically mentioning the types of substances he allegedly abused including testosterone and human growth hormone. This suspension could cost him $30 million. Reporter: Tonight, despite that suspension, alex rodriguez is still swinging. Smacked with what could be a career ending suspension for allegedly using numerous forms of performance enhancing substances, and for attempting to cover up his violations. He's one of 13 suspended in the biggest bust ever in major league history. The other 12 accepted the league's 50-game suspension, but not a-rod. He got 212 games and he's fighting it. I want to express to you guys and the fans of baseball that the last seven months have been a nightmare. His legacy is shot. It was crumbling and today was one more blow. There it is, number 600! Reporter: He had one of the biggest bats and the biggest contract, a quarter of a billion dollars. The same player who admitted to taking drugs earlier in his career and swore he would never do it again. The moment he took the field in 1994 it was clear the lanky infielder would be a star. He had that sweet swing. When alex first came up to the big leagues you could tell he was going to be a superstar. Reporter: He racked up homers faster than anyone in history. And it's gone! It's the 400th of his fabulous career! Alexander the great. Reporter: Conquering one milestone after another, but always dogged by controversy. The star so often seen on the pages of tabloids cavorting with starlets. Now those same tabloids say just go. Physically he never showed the SIGNS OF PEDs. He gradually gained weight over his career unlike some stars whose bodies swelled while allegations of steroid abuse swirld around them. For young fans today disappointment. I think a rod was a great player and a hero but now he's just nobody. Reporter: If that suspension does go through, we might not see a-rod play here until the middle of 2015. He'll be 40 years old, but he may still have about $95 million left on his contract.

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{"id":19877848,"title":"Suspended in the Biggest Scandal in Baseball's History","duration":"3:01","description":"Alex Rodriguez still taking the field in Chicago tonight as he appeals his suspension.","url":"/WNT/video/baseballs-dirty-dozen-suspended-biggest-scandal-baseballs-history-19877848","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}