Bat Invades Basketball Game

Basketball players and coaches duck for cover when a bat turns into the play of the day.
1:18 | 01/27/13

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Transcript for Bat Invades Basketball Game
weekend when a college basketball arena was turned upside down by a bat. Here's abc's clayton sandell tonight. From the belfry to the basketball court. Every time the bat has flown over the court the crew have been forced to stop ply. Reporter: With 11 minutes left to play, this mammal swooped in, bringing the game between marquette and providence to a halt. We don't want any trouble. Reporter: The bat squared the guano out of players, coaches, even the play by play guy. We're in hiding right now. Reporter: Who took up arms, in this case, towels, and fought back. Reporter: The fear isandable, bats can carry rabies. This one, probably scared. When it comes out, it's thirsty, so it comes down to the floor thinking it's a lake and trying to skim the surface to git a drink. After the p.A. Guys had their fun, they tried d of the bat by turning off the lights. The bat vanished. The ordeal over. The game win eventually went to marquette's golden eagles, but victory to the bat. Clayton sandell, abc news, denver.

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{"id":18331460,"title":"Bat Invades Basketball Game","duration":"1:18","description":"Basketball players and coaches duck for cover when a bat turns into the play of the day.","url":"/WNT/video/bat-invades-basketball-game-18331460","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}