Battle Waged Against Fierce Wildfires Out West

Homes evacuated as 38 large fires spread in 10 western states.
3:16 | 08/17/13

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Transcript for Battle Waged Against Fierce Wildfires Out West
We do begin with the growing battle against fierce fires. In fact, as we come on the air tonight, 38 large fires, across ten western states, in one fire, they're going from house to house to get families out. Idaho's beaver creek fire that began knocking on those doors in the middle of the night as that fire tripled in size. The erratic winds whipping those flames into tornadolike. Abc's bazi can nani with the new images coming in from the front lines. Reporter: Tonight, 1600 homes evacuated in sun valley, idaho, a wind-swept blaze forcing so many to flee, roads out are packed. I'll probably just take some few antiques that I have that are precious, some memories of my parents. Reporter: In this affluent ski resort area, where celebrities like tom hanks, and arnold schwarzenegger own properties, insurance companies are sending their own private fire trucks to help protect many million-dollar houses. The smoke is so thick, even crews at a nearby air-quality station had to get out. The local affiliate kivi was on the ground in ketchum, idaho. On a normal august day, you could look down this road to see the iconic mountain. Today it's completely obscured by smoke causing a lot of problems for the people in this area who are wearing masks or bandannas to keep the ash out of their lungs. Reporter: The beaver creek fire has devoured nearly 100,000 acres since last week. They still have a long way to go. Another thousand firefighters are pouring in. 42 large fires are now raging in 11 states. From alaska down to arizona. The heat and drought, speeding the pace of this year's fire season, already one of the deadliest on record. 31 killed so far and the burning is expected to last for several more weeks. Bazi kenani,s a news, denver. Those firefighters working so hard. Our thanks to bazi tonight. I want to bring in ginger zee tonight. I want to show you exactly what's happening. Five states right now with red-flag warnings or fire watches. The forecast is the heat and the wind especially in those more inland states. And then in california, where you see the orange fire watches they're going to see You think that sounds great. No, that creates more wind, gusts and lightning which could kick off more fires. And the pictures coming in from the south. This is from panama city. More than 8 inches of rain. They have been soaked. We'll get even more along that same stationary front. Going through the weekend. Here's who has to expect another 2 to 4 for pensacola to mobile, up to montgomery, alabama, where they'll get another 1 to 2. Atlanta, still soggy. Then there's an area that could get some rain and boy, do they need it that would be south texas. Brownsville, if this can fight the dry air, perhaps you get some much-needed rain. Now to the string of bear

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Homes evacuated as 38 large fires spread in 10 western states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19991767","title":"Battle Waged Against Fierce Wildfires Out West","url":"/WNT/video/battle-waged-fierce-wildfires-west-19991767"}