Beef Recall Expands: Memorial Day Warning

Contaminated beef may contain a potentially deadly form of E. coli.
2:24 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Beef Recall Expands: Memorial Day Warning
We turn to the massive recall of ground beef growing tonight with new questions. Not just about hamburgers and restaurants but possibly grocery stores and what about the need in your freezer. Our doctor Richard essar is one of the country's experts on food safety any travel to Washington DC to get answers and. Health officials are on high alert the recall expanded. Now including beef sent to restaurants and possibly grocery stores its biggest worry if ground beef for burger. Because I'm really -- here and people often don't cook them enough to kill this dangerous strain of E. Coli. Which is already sickened eleven people have never been that sick before in my life Kevin McDermott thinks he's one. Diagnosed with the same strain of E. Coli behind tonight's recall after eating an undercooked hamburger. Forced to spend ten days in the hospital. Describing the pain -- hot knife. -- -- -- Or better yes it can take up to ten days before symptoms appear in not only can -- make you sick for a full week. He can lead to kidney failure even death so did you eat or by the bad beef. Will the federal government is investigating and it's going to disclose any names of retailers impacted but they're still going through reams of paper trying to sort out where. -- no one's mentioned what restaurants. Yes that's right. That's right no one has mentioned the restaurants yet why is that there could be people out there who who ate there and we're sick -- but don't realize they could have a serious infection. I think those people will eventually know. It won't know Tom. At some point where the meat was distributed. Eleven ounces is eleven to many in my book but we did prevent a in the larger recall by our quick action. Regulations prohibit the USDA from telling us which restaurants are impacted and that really needs to change. But for now -- -- great advice from the USDA when you're in a restaurant always order your -- well done and at home. Remember keeping -- in the freezer doesn't kill E. Coli you still have to cook it through to 160. Degrees. Nothing else -- can you see would you cook did enough rich to a 160 degrees is there any way to tell visual list. Yeah I mean it's hard you see you should use that thermometer if you don't have one cut in half make sure at the least that -- brown all the way through our right Richard -- are weighing in tonight thanks so much.

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{"id":23803303,"title":"Beef Recall Expands: Memorial Day Warning","duration":"2:24","description":"Contaminated beef may contain a potentially deadly form of E. coli.","url":"/WNT/video/beef-recall-expands-memorial-day-warning-23803303","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}