After Bergdahl, Family Reveals Couple Held by Taliban

U.S. Wife, Canadian Husband and Newborn Held in Secret for Months
2:22 | 06/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for After Bergdahl, Family Reveals Couple Held by Taliban
As we await any word on for Dole's condition in that military hospital there are other families in America asking what about our loved ones still missing believed to be held by the Taliban. Including this couple an American woman there and her husband and the most recent image of them tonight. It's believed she's given birth while being held captive ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross here now with the faces of the missing in an urgent plea from the family that couple tonight. That's right David in fact it was the trade for prisoners -- Sargent -- all the -- the parents of the young woman to go public today with the Associated Press. Hoping there's a way now to get their daughter back home to. Their -- had received little attention until today. -- to videos -- made public by the family of the missing American woman Caitlin called. Seen here next to her Canadian husband Joshua -- -- and prisoner apparently. Who had been room in. -- was pregnant when the couple went missing almost two years ago and Afghanistan as -- -- to a region controlled by the Taliban. In the video which are friendly received last year she talks of the child she apparently gave birth to -- -- in Taliban captivity. I would house. Won't family and -- government. Do everything they can and should bring my husband and child behind to seek -- Street. We have not heard from them we have not. I heard anything except for the video. Caitlin Coleman is just one of at least ten Americans being held hostage -- captive somewhere in the world tonight. Whose families are also counting on the US government to act. In Pakistan American aid worker Warren Weinstein was kidnapped by al-Qaeda three years ago. It seems there has been totally. Weinstein Stanley told -- the bureau of their anguish. I wanted to die right there on the -- -- Because he has no idea how hard we've tried to get him back. There are three Americans believed held in Iran including CIA contractor and former FBI agent Bob Levenson who disappeared seven years ago. For the families of all the missing Americans including to a journalist held hostage in Syrian Somalia. The release -- sergeant heard all has raised new hopes and questions about what the US government would be prepared to trade for their freedom to. A lot of families waiting Brian Ross tonight thank you.

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{"id":24000346,"title":"After Bergdahl, Family Reveals Couple Held by Taliban","duration":"2:22","description":"U.S. Wife, Canadian Husband and Newborn Held in Secret for Months","url":"/WNT/video/bergdahl-family-reveals-couple-held-taliban-24000346","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}