Biden administration to reinstate travel restrictions, including for South Africa

President Joe Biden is planning to block most non-citizens traveling from South Africa.
3:38 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for Biden administration to reinstate travel restrictions, including for South Africa
We begin tonight with the breaking news as the corona virus pandemic it's disturbing new milestones in the US. The country now with more than 25 million cases of Covert nineteen. The highly contagious UK variant known at least 23 states. Amid growing concerns about mutations the Biden administration what do you reinstate an expanded -- travel restrictions to include South Africa. And as we come Monday or tonight the US reporting more than 4181000. American lives lost more than 71000. Deaths this month alone. The blood administration ramping up vaccinations call it a top priority the CDC says more than twenty million shots have now been administered. Doctor Anthony vouching calling the goal of 100 billion vaccinations. In 100 days quote a floor not a ceiling. And tonight doctor Deborah Burks with scathing allegations. Clinton and former president from presented graphs that she never made at those briefings ABC's Andrew did present the White House to lead us off. Tonight the New Coke did nineteen travel ban president Biden planning to block most non citizens traveling from South Africa after a new variation of the corona virus from that country has begun to spread around the globe the administration also reinstating a ban on almost all of non US citizens traveling from Brazil UK Ireland and 246 European countries. Former president trump sought to cancel the new policy to take effect Saturday as Biden officials acknowledged difficult days lie ahead in the fight against Kobe nineteen especially when it comes to administering the vaccine. The process of getting that vaccine into arms that's the hard process. That's where were behind as a country president Biden is determined to deliver on his promise of a hundred million shots in his first hundred days in office hundred million shots is a bold ambitious goal but we need to keep going after that but some are questioning if that goal is as ambitious as the administration claims the country averaging about one point one million doses per day over the last week. Are you deliberately setting expectations. Low. No no that's not the case we always want to do better. Then the gold you've set the president using executive authority to ramp up production and distribution efforts this is a wartime undertake. He's directing FEMA to establish a hundred federal vaccination sites across the country in the next month and employing the defense production act to order private companies to manufacture specialized syringes to get more vaccine doses out of violence but the administration struggling to assess the nation's supply. The fact that we don't know it today five days into this administration and weeks into planning how much vaccine we have. Just gives you a sense what the challenges we've been left last. Tonight doctor Debra irks finally speaking out telling CBS news she wanted to wait until president Biden took office before openly discussing her time in the trump administration suggesting she was censored and a former president trump had Kobe didn't hires in the White House injuring the national response to the pandemic. I saw the president presenting grass that I never made I know what I sent up and I know that what was in his hands was different from that. OK Andrew Jim Burr joins us now live from the White House negro want to go back to that breaking news president fighting. We imposing a Kobe travel ban and now including South Africa and right now this affects only non US citizens. That's right Tom this travel ban affects most non US citizens traveling from the countries mentioned there as for that bad on travelers coming from South Africa. That goes into effect next Saturday Tom OK Andrew Denver leading us off from the White House Andrew think you.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"President Joe Biden is planning to block most non-citizens traveling from South Africa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75459847","title":"Biden administration to reinstate travel restrictions, including for South Africa","url":"/WNT/video/biden-administration-ready-reinstate-travel-restrictions-including-south-75459847"}