Big Night for Donald Trump Amid Latest Controversy

Trump wins the Michigan and Mississippi primaries.
4:14 | 03/08/16

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Transcript for Big Night for Donald Trump Amid Latest Controversy
BP has become on the air in the west tonight and it's great to have you with us on another crucial night for American voters the race for the White House tonight voting in four states the first results. Now coming in the polls now closed in Mississippi and in Michigan in Mississippi tonight. Based on an else's of the vote ABC news now projected to Donald Trump. Will win the Republican primary there on the democratic side based an exit polls ABC news projecting Hillary Clinton takes the win in Mississippi. In Michigan tonight a second victory for trump this evening. Basin and else's the vote ABC projecting he will win the Republican primary there. But look at this on the democratic side tonight the raw votes still coming in it is too early to make a projection. 38% of expected vote reporting and looked it up close the race is between Bernie Sanders. And Hillary Clinton. Of course they're in Michigan tonight a major contest on both sides and telling details of the exit polls when Republicans were asked do you want someone from outside the political establishment. A little more than half said they wanted an outside. And that apparently is help Donald Trump tonight. Trump was presented himself as the outsider this evening forced to respond to questions about the trump pledges rallies some now argue it looks like it Nazi salute. The trump is now responding. He's also talking lied to the nation tonight after his double victories speaking there to a crowd of room in Florida forced a next. Major state in the week ahead. And people want to take as well. Hillary Clinton also speaking lie perhaps perhaps a sign of what's to come. V two front runners and both of these parties perhaps could face a dual. And half of the race. But again we still have states voting tonight results to committed team coverage ahead we begin with ABC's Tom Galveston the trump campaign in Florida where trump is speaking. And responding to this latest controversy. Good night for go crawl. They get these kind of numbers were they call them. Immediately is is just something very special so I want to thank the public I want to thank the special interests and the lobbyists. It cars. They obviously it's something to drive these numbers and we're close at fifty. Forty. For the crucial food. World in gold in the courtroom were critics seem not see undertones in his new rallying cry. McDonald. Arrays that. I've. A pledge of allegiance to twelve. And I have a lives others wearing. Raise your right hand. I do solemnly. Police swear. But that image now reminding some of the third right and you've missed Nazi salute. The former head of the anti defamation league. A holocaust survivor says seen an audience of thousands of people raising their hands at what looks like Heil Hitler salute with offensive. Obnoxious and disgusting the candidate rejected the compares and today our GMA. Trump pressed about critics compare his towed to Hitler and Mussolini does that suggest to you. We should tone down your rhetoric in your tactics. Well maybe so but I Zanardi looked I have a tremendous following we want to make America great again this is strong following I don't know about that Hitler comparison I had heard that. But it's a terrible comparison I'm not happy about that certainly a. Now would today's voting states the stop truck movement in full swing. Mitt Romney recording global calls for both senator Marco Rubio and governor Jon Casey. Hello this is Mitt Romney calling and could this settle trapped but lose to Hillary Clinton. Top Dallas for the slot tonight is Donald Trump speaks there in the background and Tom you reported their Mitt Romney recording those calls for rubio in KC. Telling voters trump would lose to Hillary Clinton suggesting they both for anyone but trump. Donald Trump telling that room tonight all of these strategies are working. But really had. No effective intact he said this is one of the worst week he's ever had people talking bad about him Romney's strategist and counterproductive he was supporting two candidates. But old Nicole with that they quote a week from Donald Trump. Which could lead to confess to convention with the delegates would pick the nominee but that clearly did not happen tonight David.

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{"id":37506623,"title":"Big Night for Donald Trump Amid Latest Controversy","duration":"4:14","description":"Trump wins the Michigan and Mississippi primaries.","url":"/WNT/video/big-night-donald-trump-amid-latest-controversy-37506623","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}