Billionaire Killed in Small Plane Crash

A private plane erupted on takeoff leaving seven dead, including billionaire sports and media tycoon in Bedford, Mass.
1:41 | 06/01/14

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Transcript for Billionaire Killed in Small Plane Crash
tonight, where a private plane erupted into a fireball while taking off. All seven people on world were killed, including a man well known in the world of media and sports and known for his charitable giving. Tonight, federal investigators are on the scene and so is ABC's Alex Perez. Reporter: The plane barely recognizable in the wreckage. Witnesses describe hearing a loud explosion, then, seeing a ball of fire. I felt the house shake. Reporter: All seven people on board killed in the crash about 9:40 Saturday night here in Bedford, Massachusetts. Among the dead, prominent media businessman lewis Katz, the co-owner of "The daily news" and "Philadelphia inquirer." Katz once owned the New Jersey devils hockey team and new Jersey nets basketball team. In a statement, his son says, "My father was my best friend. He taught me everything. He never forgot where and how he grew up." The ntsb says it appears the private gulfstream 4 plane never became airborne, crashing into an antenna and through a fence. There was a fire and the aircraft was carrying jet fuel on board. You know, that burned that's what consumed a large part of the aircraft. Reporter: The plane was headed to Atlantic City. Former Pennsylvania governor ed Rendell was also supposed to be on the plane, but canceled because of a prior commitment. Ntsb officials say it appears the pilot did not communicate having any problems. I think we can say that we know that it happened very late in the takeoff roll. Reporter: And officials say the plane did have both a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder, which they hope to recover soon. As they work to figure out what exactly went wrong here. David? ABC's Alex Perez tonight, thanks.

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{"id":23951200,"title":"Billionaire Killed in Small Plane Crash ","duration":"1:41","description":"A private plane erupted on takeoff leaving seven dead, including billionaire sports and media tycoon in Bedford, Mass.","url":"/WNT/video/billionaire-killed-small-plane-crash-23951200","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}