"First Book" Milestone: Children in Need Receive 100 Million Books

Children living in poverty miss out on major life lessons without exposure to books.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Transcript for "First Book" Milestone: Children in Need Receive 100 Million Books
And finally tonight as we said sometimes there's just a small -- so many of us take for granted that can mean absolutely everything to a child. What if your children had never seen are owned a sick -- book of their own. Here's ABC's Terry Moran with a group of people who are changing that for millions of children one little smile at a time. Remember your first book. A moment filled with bright dreams and possibilities. And today in Washington DC these children began living downstream. -- all a little tiny. I didn't think that. -- -- is gonna win millions of American girls and boys 45%. Of all our children who live in low income family books are luxuries and many of them. We are here to celebrate. -- -- Twenty years ago -- founded first -- which brings books to children in need. A hundred million books now and counting I've seen the light on the -- allied. They can't believe they get to keep. Bucks a barrel and it makes a lifelong different studies show a child's ability to understand stories jumps by 20%. When there are books in the home. -- -- -- We're back in 1992. Crystal Stewart got a book from first book she was the oldest of four kids of a working mom and she just loved to read -- It almost sounds like reading help you get away and it from the tough part. Today it was -- Kennedy who received the official 100 million book from first. Green eggs and ham. They could -- voters. They prove they can get jobs. It's a tremendously. Empowering thing for somebody to become a -- and congratulations. To -- -- welcome. Our children our future what dreams may carry away Terry Moran ABC news. And we're so happy that our parent company Disney is a major contributor to your first book and you can -- 100 million books and it is just the beginning -- so many of the thirty million children living in low income homes tonight. Need -- gift of Reading and we love the way Dr. Seuss himself wrote it. The more that you -- the more things you will know the more that you've learned the more places you'll go.

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{"id":17733257,"title":"\"First Book\" Milestone: Children in Need Receive 100 Million Books","duration":"3:00","description":"Children living in poverty miss out on major life lessons without exposure to books.","url":"/WNT/video/book-milestone-children-receive-100-million-books-17733257","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}