US Standing Strong After Boston Bombing

Cities across the country tighten security as residents try to be resilient.
2:15 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for US Standing Strong After Boston Bombing
All around the world today people of all nations were sending messages of solidarity to boston. And in this country too, there was new meaning to the injunction, see something, say something. Tonight the newest member of our abc news family veteran reporter abc's byron pits is here to tell us about this new normal in american cities tonight. Reporter: This is america's new normal. The moment terror strikes at home, the nation coils. Doft to coast law enforcement, at los angeles's union station, a muscular police presence, and a measure of anxiety felt lie commuters. It puts you on edge. We're not safe anywhere. It could happen anywhere, even here in california. That faith that you have in security of our nation, it's kind of shaken. Reporter: In downtown seattle, streets were shut down due to a suspicious backpack. The bomb squad sent in its robot, inside a hair dryer. East coast airports had the jitters. At logan airport, delays over suspicious passengers and packages. AT NEW york LaGuardia, another suspicious item and passengers forced to wait outside in the street. And the comforting sound of resiliencyy. I think if I become nervous I'm giving in to something that's going to make me underpowered. As citizens, we have to be responsible one to another. Reporter: Meanwhile in boston, vows unbroken. We're strong people and we're not going to let anyone push us around. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Reporter: All across the country, people sent their best wishes and prayers to boston. We've seen this in america before, when a crisis hits home, this nation will rally. So true and byron, it is great to have you with us at abc. And now if you'll allow us

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{"id":18973193,"title":"US Standing Strong After Boston Bombing","duration":"2:15","description":"Cities across the country tighten security as residents try to be resilient.","url":"/WNT/video/boston-standing-strong-18973193","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}