Boston's Heart Beats Louder Than Ever

A city celebrates brave acts of heroism after week-long terror comes to a close.
2:03 | 04/20/13

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Transcript for Boston's Heart Beats Louder Than Ever
to boston, a city that america fell in love with this week. The heroism, the community spirit and all of that expressed with that unmistakable accent, a mixture of vinegar and molases. And as boston emerged from the extraordinary police lockdown, byer ron pits was out in the middle of it all. Reporter: In a city so passionate about its baseball teams, sports are the therapy today. Hotdogs! Reporter: Here even a hotdog felt like a hug. Celebrating with sausages. I feel like I'm breathing. I just feel like we haven't been breathing all week. Reporter: Since friday night's game was canceled for security reasons, the emotions ran even deeper this afternoon. We didn't think twice about coming. Fenway park is a special place. In the hearts and minds of people of boston, the people of new england, this is a civic cathedral. Reporter: From the ballpark to the heart of downtown, boston was transformed today. Life returned to a city that was on lockdown friday. The manhunt was unprecedented, so too the collective sigh the city took inside fenway. ♪ the emotional pregame ceremony honored the first responders, survivors, and victims of monday's attack. And the whole stadium sang the star spangled banner. ♪ ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ country. Reporter: Even neil diamond showed up to sing his signature song. This week it became america's song. ♪ Sweet caroline ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ so good, so good, so good ♪ Reporter: There's also been plenty of commerce today. That's important because friday's shutdown really cost this city money. Today, money and good will have been flowing all day long.

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{"id":19008316,"title":"Boston's Heart Beats Louder Than Ever ","duration":"2:03","description":"A city celebrates brave acts of heroism after week-long terror comes to a close.","url":"/WNT/video/bostons-heart-beats-louder-19008316","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}