4 boys rescued from Thailand cave

The rescue teams preparing to resume the work to attempt to save the remaining eight boys and their coach.
3:16 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for 4 boys rescued from Thailand cave
We begin withhe race against time in tail with rean to celebrate tonight, but more life threatening work in the hours to come. This video just in, the fi four boys have been rescued an rushthe hospital. Where they are being treated right now. Rescue teams preparing to resume the dangerous work within the cave. Dive pairs attempting to escort each of the remain eight boys and their coach to freedom. It's an ordeal that began 16 days ago W, hope that the team of young ccer players will all be reunited with their families. James Longman the coverage from out the cave. Reporter: Four . Nine T. Tonight, the first critical stage of that rescue operation, a success. Ewideo showing army medics loading one of the boys into an ambulance on a stretc after 16 days trapped in that cave. Teams urge resupplying those tunns with oxygen so divers can begin another grueling trek, to bring more of those trapped soccer P to safety. The first signs the day had finacome, a Urry of activity near the entrance clearing the camp. There's a real of momentum buildnow as we've en more and more personnel arriving. Moments later, the governor with the word. 10:00 A.M., the mission had begun. Divers had entered the cave for thrst evacuations. Thchdren are strong, he said. They haven briefed on the plan and they are reto come out. The frenzied preparations, licopters nearby fields. Ambulances heading up the mountain. The hospital on standby. Gurneyned up. 18 divers making their way throthat maze of roc caverns and flooded passageways. Two pairing with ey for E arduous trip out.world watching this dirt road, listening for sirens. The first ambulances moving forward. That is the T ambulance. The whole world has been waiting to see T whole county. We bve that the first boys from tve are in bulance.5:40 P.M. Local time, the first Y emergingrom the ca. Transporquickly by ambul aaiting helopteto that hospital 35 miles away. The second boy fwing minutes later. That's now the third ambulance that we'ven. This is moving at quite a pace. I don't think ne expected is. Two more boys freed. Word tonight, they moved the weakest boir back at camp bystanders applauding the exhausted rescue team "T we see the wild boars," the governor annoug. Celebrating the news, four members of that soccer team safe. And James joining us now. You'een outside the for ten days now. As you this is still critical situation. With concerns about oxygen ve and the weather. Reporter: That's righom. It's rained almost continuously since the firsys were freed. Rescuers will beg that won't hinder their pes for E young boys and coach that remain in the cave, organizershe whole process could take up to four days. Tom? Jamesank you so much. And the specially trained ve teams areparing to retrace the ne three-mile route to the boys.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"The rescue teams preparing to resume the work to attempt to save the remaining eight boys and their coach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56445249","title":"4 boys rescued from Thailand cave","url":"/WNT/video/boys-rescued-thailand-cave-56445249"}