Bringing Jobs Back to the United States

North Carolina computer-making factory opens, creating hundreds of jobs.
3:06 | 06/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bringing Jobs Back to the United States
To a big win for American workers in North Carolina hundred showing up for the jobs. And they are making computers. Which were being made in China. They brought the jobs back to the United States we wondered how and are made in America team leader David -- went to see them Davis as you know Diane we're just back from North Carolina tonight because when we heard about computers coming off an assembly line in America. We wondered could this be for real. It -- the first earlier this week take -- inside this factory making computers in America these tests are seeking is down the assembly line the computer maker Lenovo. Headquarters in king in Raleigh, North Carolina. Al with a factory near -- to and tonight after decades of those computers coming off the lines elsewhere so. Coming off the line here figure making computers kindness. That have been made in China career out of being made here. If you think -- today. Jarrett also didn't think -- be making them with her family. Knowing -- your daughters on the line arguments where right behind me behind. -- here that. If I bank at what happens is then there's Chris Richardson is bigger job recently -- panacea to see you had a smile on her face with that a lot so it goes well back on the job get back America. He's quality control making sure the recent sound coming from that computer. -- -- Music -- My years. Just a few weeks ago the computers coming down this line right here were being made in Mexico others made in China. Now they're being made here a 115 workers on the line right now they tell me if all goes well they could double that number by the end of the year. -- -- telling us tonight factories growing wages around the world fuel costs. Shipping but it just makes sense to bring some of that back. Like Motorola. Just announcing their newest Smartphone will be manufactured in Texas adjusted to see everything dose new Google glasses. Some of the prototypes coming knocked the -- California. Even apple on remember when the new CEO Tim Cook with -- This will -- be an apple product. Ever made again united state I want there today that and that promised to spend 100 million to soon make Macs here. But tonight it is clear -- was proud. They beat the back. And -- North American presidential he was one more thing the tablet and Kamal. In the states all of it helping workers like Michelle -- for -- lot of work. -- how long. Here you're looking for work and glory -- four years working part time jobs underemployed settling for less. Tonight we -- different story. And casinos smiles and a bit of a race is on tonight apple telling us that those maps will be on the assembly line in Texas later this year. Those Google glasses by the end of the year as well in those -- -- computers already coming down the assembly line Diane. The CEO Lenovo still based in Beijing but we're -- -- -- house in Raleigh now he's learning English. Here in America we computers yes this is -- -- data.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"North Carolina computer-making factory opens, creating hundreds of jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19334997","title":"Bringing Jobs Back to the United States","url":"/WNT/video/bringing-jobs-back-united-states-19334997"}