California governor declares a state of emergency due to wildfires in Ventura County

First responders are going door to door, evacuating more than 27,000 residents.
6:04 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for California governor declares a state of emergency due to wildfires in Ventura County
We begin with those wildfires multiple fires now burning across southern California. Evacuations under way at this hour. The fires erupting at sundown just 24 hours ago by morning, already destroying more than 45,000 acres. Homes and that hospital I mentioned, the largest fire tonight threatening heavily populated Ventura county. The governor there declaring a state of emergency. In satellite image from space you can see the smoke from the fires right there. ABC's Marcus Moore is in Ventura county tonight. Reporter: Tonight, homes in flames. Thousands evacuated. They're attacking it the best they can. This wind is moving it in every direction. Reporter: As wildfires burn out of control in California. We had a rough night last night. Reporter: The Thomas fire in Ventura county, northwest of Los Angeles, exploding to 70 square miles in a matter of hours. The flames heading right for the city of Ventura and its 100,000 residents. We are seeing an entire apartment complex engulfed in flames as fire crews try to put water on it. But look over here, there's another large fire burning on the other side of that hill. Reporter: First responders going door to door overnight, I vac waiting more than 27,000 residents. Many forced to drive out through an inferno. These are like 15 feet away from us right now. Reporter: This group, panicked as the flames start closing in. We need to get out of here as soon as possible. That fire is right there. Reporter: The vista del mar hospital destroyed, all patients and staff making it out in time. By daybreak, firefighters finally able to begin their aerial assault. 2 winds unrelenting. Upwards of 70 miles per hour. Reporter: The flames turning entire areas into cinders. Reporter: This home burning from the inside-out. This woman's home burned to the ground. I can't even describe what I'm thinking. My mind isn't connecting with it all yet. Reporter: Tonight the Thomas fire just one of multiple blazes scorching the state. To the south, the creek fire on the northern edge of los Angeles, forcing more evacuations. . That fire, also out of control. And the CLA Rita fire shutting down that major highway. Marcus Moore, we can see the stunning scene behind you. These windy conditions expected to continue. Reporter: David, that high wind has been picking up those embers and they have been skipping house to house. The other problem we're hearing about, water pressure, firefights telling me they had to let some homes burn because they didn't have enough water in the hide don. We got the view from above the fire from our affiliate KABC. From our station in Los Angeles he's joining uses as he's flying over the creek fire, an incredibly busy day, thank you for being with us tonight. You're over a very active scene tonight, the creek fire. This fire's 11,000 acres right now. We'll take you outside and show you picture of the creek fire. We're using our technology to show you where the fire is burning. As you can see, there's a lot of smoke obscuring the fire this is because of the Santa Ana conditions. We can fade in satellite tech knowledge where we can see the homes being affected. This fire has moved extremely fast. Multiple homes have been destroyed. This fire is very dangerous in this area and there's no relief in sight. Really something when you place the map on top of that smoke to give us an idea of how many families are being affected by this right now. You mentioned those Santa Ana conditions, those winds tonight fueling those fires. What are authorities saying in. These Santa Ana winds are very strong. They come down through these canyons and mountains of southern California and they rip through these neighborhoods. We usually get them in October. We're having a very late season. You can see the second fire out in Ventura county. We'll use our pointer right in this area, that's the Thomas fire. All in the southern California, burning simultaneously, thousands are affected. Many homes lost. Terrible scene out here. We're certainly thinking about the families affected by these three separate fires. J.T., thank you. Thank you, David From J.T. To meteorologist rob Marciano tonight. He's also there in the fire zone this hour. Putting out hot spots. The flames right behind you, the winds are supposed to keep coming. Reporter: They are. These fire crews under protection, just came into this area, one of the more explosive regions in the fire zone today. The winds got the flames rolling in a hurry. The wind is still blowing, smoke, dust, horrible conditions out here. Want to show you the setup, classic Santa Ana winds. Offshore winds, high fire danger. High wind warnings out tonight. Gusts that should continue. A bit of a break tomorrow morning. But another shot coming tomorrnight and tomorrow morning, might be a worst setup than last night. David. Rob, watching this into the night. Those firefighters hard at work tonight. The other breaking headline at this hour, president trump is expected to officially recognize

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{"id":51599655,"title":"California governor declares a state of emergency due to wildfires in Ventura County","duration":"6:04","description":"First responders are going door to door, evacuating more than 27,000 residents.","url":"/WNT/video/california-governor-declares-state-emergency-due-wildfires-ventura-51599655","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}