California Swimmer Describes Being Bitten by Great White

Victim recounts harrowing attack by great white shark as nervous beachgoers eye the waters.
2:53 | 07/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Swimmer Describes Being Bitten by Great White
I'm Elizabeth vargas. We begin with the frightening shark attack off of Manhattan beach. This video capturing the first moments when a 40-year-old man swam into the path of the angry great white. Today just one day after that attack, swimmers and surfers are warily diving back into the ocean. It is a danger that appears only to be growing. ABC's nick watt is at the scene where it all happened. Reporter: This is a moment a great white shark sunk its teeth into Steve Robles nearing the end of a early morning dip. Today he showed us the wound from those jaws. Right when it bit into my chest, you just hear everything crunch. I was staring at the shark eyeball to eyeball literally like right here. It was the most frightening thing I ever -- anyone could experience. Biting your chest and you're staring it it looking eye to eye with this thing on your chest. What was the look in his eye? Just a dead look. You know, just a blank dead stare. It's eye looking at you while it's biting you. I mean, it's scarey. Reporter: The shark a seven or eight foot had been hooked by a fisherman on the pier when Robles swam into the angry shark's path. He doesn't blame the shark. He blames the fisherman who hooked the shark and got it mad. Many beach gores agree with him. Today many were back in the water enjoying the holiday weekend with perhaps one eye on the deep. If I was that shark I would be mad, too. It sounds like out of fear, he attacked the person because he was scared of his life. Maybe we ought to think about it. Shouldn't be allowed. I think it should be banned. I have swam in that ocean my entire life and nothing close to this has ever happened. Maybe this is a showing of the water. It was that guide that agitating that shark that caused all this. I just got really lucky and I mean, item getting a second chance. And this is -- I'm thanking god that he gave me this second chance. That's what it was. Reporter: And the authorities have banned fishing from the pier for the whole of the weekend. Some people are saying that fishermen were throwing chum into the water to attract the great white sharks. The fishing ban expires Tuesday morning and the sharks aren't going anywhere and the swimmers aren't going anywhere either. All right. Nick watt reporting in from California. Thank you. We'll hear from Steve Robles and from the eyewitness tomorrow morning on "Gma."

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{"id":24446520,"title":"California Swimmer Describes Being Bitten by Great White","duration":"2:53","description":"Victim recounts harrowing attack by great white shark as nervous beachgoers eye the waters.","url":"/WNT/video/california-swimmer-describes-bitten-great-white-24446520","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}