Candy Spelling Talks Daughter Tori and Starting Over

How Hollywood's royal family finally put their differences aside to support each other.
13:42 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Candy Spelling Talks Daughter Tori and Starting Over
Candy spelling has lived an incredible life. Of course she is the widow of legendary producer Aaron Spelling and mother of actress and reality television star Tori Spelling. Certainly Hollywood royalty and with each chapter of her life comes some dramatic new changes and now she's stepping out of her own -- her incredible story. In her latest book candy at last and we are delighted to have or stop by today that producer the star. The everything that Hollywood has always come to epitomize thank you so much for stopping by today -- -- so this is -- this is your second book so -- now. -- now you know what you how could anyone just stop with one have been okay. -- open what it felt so good to must be even better of course you know and and three might be collection but anyway. I I just I I have so much fun doing the first -- and I really felt lot of people reached out to me and said. You know your courageous making news -- in your life and you know and I've just gone through something and they and they share their their stories with you and -- thought. She if this could help anybody I I really want to talk about I'm and able to talk about more now -- you know I was because. I'm -- that -- -- so I wanna go back a little bit because I have read the entire book in there is there are so many facets your marriage. The manner the house. Your daughter your son. I -- to go to something though that that state that you wrote in in this -- -- this kind of -- your thirty year marriage that you had with Aaron because he used was really the face that changed television so dramatically so. You wrote in here even though -- come into the marriage with my own money more money in fact in my husband nothing -- candy spelling in this was in reference. Two credit cards that you had in your purse. And it brought to my mind wandering. Did you ever feel like that Hollywood trophy wife think that you supported your husband that you didn't have an identity. I have to say we're in so many years I I was very happy to play that part. And it was it was nothing that was ever said or did -- that I really felt I I was happy to play it because. I -- I was shy and I was happy to let Aaron tell the stories and -- those spokesman for the family out that was fine. I just thought you know I had to look good and -- the Parton you know that was all that was expected of me. -- and and now. You talk about the transformation in fact you can -- you wrote about the specifically. Because you're also a Broadway producer is well promises promises. How to succeed in business without really trying in fact is that the Tony Awards when -- walking the red carpet that you had said for the first time I was no longer just Aaron spelling's wife. Or -- -- Melissa sent mother. At and at that age you had felt as if -- their there was a new chapter that had started. Absolutely and Aaron always said to me follow your dreams. And having -- have that you know his terrible illness led me there -- -- that this is what happened -- I actually it prepared me. Four career at my age I now have a career. In. On -- overwhelming. Exciting is it exciting excite I I love it and I love New York I mean I'm you know. I'm so. As far as Broadway just can't get enough of that -- -- to see everybody's. You know everyone's plays every I just loved it. What are the other things he talked about as he is is you talk about it. After morning -- loss. Being encouraged by some of your girlfriends to get back into the dating world. -- -- yes and and -- that was quite an experience and and I think as I've gotten older I've lost a lot of my filters so IE. I shared a lot more intimate things in the book but I think that I thought I would of Africa. And it -- it was kind of they really push me into it and one of my girlfriend's daughter was 27 years old have it. But talk -- tell you used to describe this wonderfully but -- -- and and that talk was about well if you're going to be intimate with a man. Things have changed since it and it was not not a talk that was a mother has that the teenager here's here's a 27 year old having a -- -- a very grown lady. And I didn't have a clue she's had you have to -- -- medical report from every man that you intend to be with them. How can get that from just house. -- -- It's tough times have changed to a little bit a lot candidate I also -- talking there about how that. I -- she said that I had to get condoms because I had that protected sex so right. I go with. I go to the drugstore and I literally who -- -- no I mean there is such -- selection but. As an entire islands. Basically it really hit it takes almost as much for was the toothpaste does -- -- in the market. It's huge and I had no idea I've got to say I'm gonna say when I got to that point of the book eight people people really struck me because you know you've described and you -- you go -- there's some great pictures I mean the who's who of Hollywood. And you described the -- building. The matter -- -- your your house that is so famously -- 56000 square feet just as beautiful this is beautiful home. And I was thinking to myself how how -- -- relate to this how does America how does the rest of the world relate. To someone had lived this life and when you started talking about the story about dating. About learning about the Internet about hiding condoms. It was like it was it was a very real very -- revealing news sort of sort of share that you had. It's true again it's you know what even though I had a very peer groups have been privileged life. And I'm I'm so thrilled and I'm very fortune. But. In so many ways -- like everybody else I'm really not any different and it it it all those things are not any different for me than they would be for someone else. We think the biggest misconception about humans. Pardon we think the biggest -- -- the biggest missed all I think that. A lot of the first of all my shyness always comes off as eight and hold us you know she's a -- cold and and it's not that is I'm always embarrass someone won't know why am. And so I kind of look away because well they won't remember me. And in I think they think that -- this mean witchy woman. A lot of there's been a lot of paparazzi. -- and about a lot of things of the -- the last few years that has made me really looked terrible and it as real hurtful but. -- will be the infamous feud with the territory. -- -- to set the record straight then because there -- as as you well now as we both know that often times those kinds of headlines you can be -- sells newspapers from a -- it sells tabloids. What -- it wet -- but what what is the relationship with -- right now. Absolutely terrific -- it there -- there was a period where we really you know word. We're not speaking to each other and it's we both decided. I -- it wasn't just my decision was her decision also that we can't go back over those things I mean it would take a lifetime again and what you just have to move forward and that's what we've done. Whenever things -- -- your life has been so incredibly public and obviously. The subsequently so as Torre's. This I want to play at a clip of the reality show because I know that you -- very closely as -- much. -- -- We have four kids so in the sex department there were ebbs and flows -- -- safe to -- We had a great relationship yes and we had a great tax like we did have sex once every two weeks he wasn't fantastic. I am I I got into one yes what -- what they say. Dean your expectations. Of what a marriage -- those -- like sexually. It's like a fairy tale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In that particular clip. -- India are are talking about their sex life and there has been a lot. Discussed about whether there was infidelity in the relationship wrong. Was there. As far as that they -- he advanced to -- to what I mean I'm I was not a witness to anything so I don't know. For sure of that I I I assume so. What what do you make of -- that that you know some people say it will this might have been fabricated to extend some kind of story line. For the show. I don't know. I mean you know I would be just guessing like everybody else is guessing and and I think we all guests about everything that we read we all have our own opinions. I just know that he's a terrific father. Torre loves to share. With the world and her audience -- her fans. And she's been very successful -- I want I want to ask you about this because than the manner which she described. Having it was a seven year building process. Yes yes. Talk to me a little bit I don't want an analyst for everything in the book but I mean the -- because that the that the -- -- the process alone. You made some enemies with some of the neighbors and oh yes this is not an easy process to mean I think a lot of times people look at it as. Will there were the spellings just throwing hand over fist of money to this right John enormous house. But it was not an easy task that would sound. It's know what wasn't and I I have to say that it it if it's to some extent got out of hand but. It's it's not that there were so many rooms they were large rooms and it was our everything my husband didn't fly and we didn't take vacations. So it you know a lot of people that have to three homes. That wasn't us this was our every this was our vacation now. This was our entertaining -- this was our you know let's take that we can often go -- -- it was everything on one. And he did it get out of him probably at one point I turned it back over to my -- but because it was getting so crazy. And a week later he said it. I understand. You finish it I can't do this you know maybe it just it it's it it became massive and I mean the world has talked about today. I mean that no one intended for that to happen but it did I did make enemies. It it in the neighborhood has some and some friends. DT do you miss said. -- it you know once once might Mike Stanley was -- Both both my children have all their friends -- I mean you know we have -- when there every day. You know we entertain there and had. You know absolutely fabulous parties and and fabulous. And the list goes on. You know who would be there for dinner our usual you know just a movie night. And you know to be alone. And it's. Your children -- -- your Life Partners -- Is it's it's it's very heartbreaking but it was way too big for me. And I -- much chapter. You're proud grandmother who let you loves that you love you love -- on the grandchildren I do again. So is is is there is period dating is there and active dating right now. -- system. It's been -- up -- you're not even gonna give us a little bit of a costly you know what's scary is. I do I'd be quite honest and and you know -- -- talk about a lot of things in -- so. Yeah I really wouldn't wouldn't put anyone in that position. But you have to appreciate the fact -- got to be very intimidating for a man to try to woo who candy -- Probably not as is typical as they think I'm just really -- person that likes to do all kinds of silly normal things aren't perfect date night. Perfect date night. Oh gosh. Pick me up. And maybe go you know had to. To listen to music or do some kind of exciting adventure and I don't care what it is I don't care -- it was. You know driving to some silly place that they've got. A circus going -- whenever I I -- opt for anything. I love it -- -- its activities obviously we'll have to leave -- that. Candy stuff I can't thank you -- it's called candy at last it is a pleasure to meet you and it is a great read thank you sterilize them.

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{"id":23614103,"title":"Candy Spelling Talks Daughter Tori and Starting Over","duration":"13:42","description":"How Hollywood's royal family finally put their differences aside to support each other.","url":"/WNT/video/candy-spelling-talks-daughter-tori-starting-23614103","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}