Case against Jeffrey Epstein will continue

More accusers have come forward since the financier's arrest, and 2,000 pages of new documents from the investigation were made public.
2:45 | 08/10/19

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Transcript for Case against Jeffrey Epstein will continue
ongoing criminal case. Thousands of previously sealed legal documented released in the hours just before Jeffery Epstein's apparent suicide. Here's Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: Tonight, authorities tell ABC news that while disgraced millionaire Jeffrey Epstein is dead, the investigation is not. More accusers have come forward since his arrest. His apparent suicide less than 24 hours after 2,000 pages of new documents were made public for the first time, with accusations leveled against prominent people. You're screaming on the inside, and you don't know how to let it come out. All you do is obey. That's it. Reporter: A 2015 defamation suit brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre was unsealed. The suit against Ghislaine Maxwell, a longtime Epstein associate and British socialite. In deposition testimony, Giuffre says that Maxwell recruited her to be a teenage sex slave to Epstein, adding she was later directed by Maxwell and Epstein to have sex with many, quote, powerful men and other world leaders. Some of those named, British royalty prince Andrew, former governor and U.N. Ambassador bill Richardson and the former influential senator from Maine, George Mitchell. All three men have strongly denied the allegations. Richardson and Mitchell say the claims are false and they never met Ms. Giuffre. In an interview with "The Miami herald," Giuffre spoke of what Epstein and Maxwell would instruct her to do. Give Jeffrey what he wants. A lot of this training came from Ghislaine herself. It started with one, then it trickled into two and before you know it, I'm being lent to politicians and academics and people that -- royalty. Reporter: Maxwell has not been charged with any crimes. She has consistently denied the allegations. And in the court filings unsealed, Maxwell's lawyers wrote that Giuffre had "Utterly failed to substantiate" her "Patently incredible" claims of being trafficked to well-known men. Tonight, Giuffre's lawyer who represents other alleged victims writes in a statement, the fact that Epstein took his own life within 24 hours of the unsealing of detailed and devastating documents and exhibits in Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, is no coincidence. Stephanie joins us now from outside the prison where Epstein was discovered dead. Prosecutors made it clear they're looking into potential accomplices into his crimes? Reporter: That's right right. Part of the investigation will be to see if anyone connected to Epstein and his crimes should be charged. Many of his accusers have said there were a number of people recruiting on his behalf. Then there are those federal investigations into his apparent suicide and whether there was any wrong doing at this correctional facility. A man arrested with neo-nazi

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"More accusers have come forward since the financier's arrest, and 2,000 pages of new documents from the investigation were made public.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64902657","title":"Case against Jeffrey Epstein will continue","url":"/WNT/video/case-jeffrey-epstein-continue-64902657"}