Castro Brothers Discuss Trump, Hillary and Latino Voters

Julian and Joaquin Castro speak with David Muir at the Democratic National Convention.
12:36 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Castro Brothers Discuss Trump, Hillary and Latino Voters
Some days it. Our only not as Americans are. Pieces on the uglier ones is an excellent hardware you won an older my hands. Which what is always turn out. Now we told through Texas on rumors you know actually new ones. He. Your mom you're that's us. You speak tomorrow night I do. Speaking a little bit tomorrow it getting ready. One for the conventional waiter. Which as a legitimate points. You know I think. Teasing him that he only has one minutes so it matter what you guys nobody's ever not to note here you know we talk that we we went over the speech I gave my advice. It. Just happy and it rather Reuters. It's although you know I was more nervous. Four years ago doing it. Terminator structure for him as he was he doing it than I am losers beat myself. Industry via. Lehman your brother oh yeah. A new trial your speaking here tomorrow. Very important thing for this convention you know innocent the I'm gonna talk about the what is wrong. Families like mine my grandmother our grandmother came here in 1942. And she came from Mexico. And she wasn't murder great news my grandmother was important when she came in did you chase for the younger sister. And I'm gonna talk about the reason people come in this country. And that is opportunity and then Hillary Clinton will help create that opportunity and I think Donald Trump entered here we feel like our. Story. It's just representative. Family stories of so many Americans that it different places and that this election. Truly is about choice would be between. Candidate and Hillary Clinton. That has a broad inclusive view of America and develop drop someone that has a dark. Sort of exclusive. You're not shying away from look up. Used his name insurer last night Bill Clinton talked about making fun of people with disabilities and TV news Trump's name. But what you are clearly going there and you can just rhetoric has been damaging. There are no longer call amount. Directly no I do think that it's been good to see. You know there is there is a lot of frustration and anxiety in the country. But as an elected official and his politician. You can direct that energy in different ways. And he's directed in theory it's a negative way. And really Leon you spears was. I'm just a Republican get elected without huge support from Hispanic community in this country we saw what happened there Romney John McCain before him. And when you hear about what you have said. Wall. I'm as a Republican win. Well I think it's time and I think that that's being reflected in the polls right. But he is unfortunately. Dividing people along racial and ethnic lines. And it's not healthy for the country's record for this country are you going to when. And the more sober. And a sensible leaders of the Republican or you recognize that they have a real problem. They recognized it was 2012 without. Infamous autopsy that was done that we suggested that they reach out to Hispanic community more. Instead battlefront was taken and boldly different direction. They're gonna have a lot of work to do after this election with the levee. And lets them and well but even if they win. It's a temporary victory. It's America is becoming more developers and and I think also. It's not only the Hispanic community I think it's also mainstream white. He wants an inclusive vision of America and then I don't believe the doldrums we're. But even if the country's only become more. People more open minded in what do you think his intentions. Well you know I mean there's not a 0% chance it's more likely that. Everything boldly. And bill. This makes us believe that it was gonna win but out of the president said yesterday and anything. Worse presidential elections especially from our are usually within about Iverson's. And so once you're the nominee. Or you're already in all that's I agree. Oh. I want to get back to that autopsy the autopsy that you spoke. Revealed that Republicans could not win the Playhouse Disney reached down Hispanic. Have you seen them this time. I haven't seen that from the Republican Party have certainly haven't seen that frozen from Donald wrong. I do know that Hillary Clinton has reached out to Hispanic community. Also as a result of the fast growing Asian American community. So the Democratic Party has been the party these last few years it is a bigger tent party inclusive. Focus on future breaking barriers we're gonna break another one tomorrow night when Hillary accepts the nomination as the first woman candidate of a major party. Speaks to the future of America. The two who had big plans. He Williams and Julia and I hope is that Ali Reza are we want. You talked about trying to turn Texas him. Figured it was you. I think so I think the state will become more competitive it'll take a few years. You know Democrats were so dominant here so long. And now Republicans have. But the Republican Party in Texas. No longer represents the average gone so important right they've entered principles. Ted Cruz was really precursor. It was the politics of for a made probably. You can take senators hi hi we'll certainly look at that opportunity when he team. You know I'm not gonna make a decision today. But its sales got a good chance I'll take a look at what you've. Well first of all I think that that he can be successful no matter what he does and molesters or watching I also think that the state has been changing little by little. You see it in the big cities Dallas Houston Austin San Antonio and even in those counties. Texas is such a big state that it takes awhile but if it needs one thing it's great candidate to articulate and inclusive. Forward looking taxes so. I don't know what decision he's gonna make but of course it is supported. And ask this way and your Brothers and angry here let me just ask you personally do you think you should. I think that he should do what he believes is best. For the people that it serves. And obviously something that is good for he and his family. I don't want to make that decision for him so that someone from Texas I hope that he seasoned public service. And I would love to see my brother Roberson the state of Texas do you think you could beat us all I do. I do. I think that the thing that you hear about it crews it is people believe it believe that he's in it for himself. And people don't like it. And for Texas he has spent all of his time running for president instead of actually tending to the needs of the people of Texas and represented. What do you think of that moment a week ago when he was booed off that stage because a lot of his supporters look at and they say that's a principled guy. Well in effect is he took goes way minutes six seconds when it's all wrong. Really to signal to the Republican Party hey don't vote for Donald Trump is here just waiting over. You know days isn't your conscience when I saw that you know I agree with Ted who's on that that if somebody insulted my wife and my father. That I would probably react the same way. Except that he's using that moment to run in when he went. And for the people of Texas I think what they want is they want somebody who's actually gonna represent Texas and spend their time. In the senate thinking about how to make Texas stronger not just using that as a platform to ruthless targets on the. But it distributed I don't think he said vote your conscience because he really believes there's a real problem Carl. I think he should vote your conscience because he wants to be Republican. When he NFL it's White House. He's aware of the headlines this week you're now seriously considering its against Sweden. Like that against. Us. He's fundraising a possibility it might take though he certainly freaked out yesterday. You know. I'm gonna technicals. And it's it. Again I know you want and family there's. His own aspirations what's inside. And as a guy from Texas. If you look this hipster look. This the ever present Texas I think he's a great job represented people of San Antonio. He's like congressman back home you gotta do to convince your Brothers Lisa you know shop that's pressure he's a fantastic job in congress he's already taken on leadership. Positions. I think number one the people of Texas needs somebody who was thinking about them that was represented the interest of Texas and take cruises is running for president. If walking decides to run for senate I believe that can be competitive in that he'd be. He has to be really disappointed if you repeat it sure I'd be lined US and it was a little bit of disappointment. But I also know that I'm 41 years old. And that god willing I'm gonna have a lot of years left and I know that I got into public service because I felt very blessed with the opportunity. Coming from where we came from having. Chance to get a good college education. Become attorneys are getting the public service weather and in the public sector the private sector can find ways to create more. It's Richard W. She and I met. And so we had a chance to sit down. Period from her after the decision. I had a chance to keep it up best. You'll endorsed Hillary and eight years ago. We didn't instead of problem dominance and do you stand by that decision here's. Why I think that that the president has just a phenomenal job as president. I think that is what's so great Baghdad was the way that that Hillary Clinton embraced. Barack Obama supported him during that process so. We thought eight years ago that she would be a great president Barack Obama has been a phenomenal president and we're proud to support Georgia this. It was Tim Kaine righteous collapsing. I have no doubt you're disappointed you know if she's made an excellent choice of tennis game. Number one he's well prepared he's been a governor a senator he sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee so he understands the world. He's also lived. And experience in his life but I think gives him the same broad vision and whose vision of America that Hillary it's. He's able to reach out to different communities in a way that says. You're a part of what we're doing your part of our future so his music Rachel's. One last question. You bull have known secretary. She's been in the public. 25 years. Your student Americans Hussein who's the real Hillary Clinton. What would Hussein whom what does she need you when she gets on that stage. But I think she needs to. The herself had. She's been in the public right now for almost we fight news. And so part of the challenge of is that people are not suddenly gonna think you're doing a totally different way. What I think that she has the opportunity do. It's to speak for 3040 minutes directly to the American. And lay out personally why she believes achieve a degree press and I think you folks listen to her. That they will see its President Clinton said yesterday. The real perseverance and instead of the caricature that's been created by the so you might take on ten crews what's next for you. You know for the first time in a long time I actually don't know what I'm going to be doing six months from now or a year from now that feels both liberating. There's a certain amount. Uncertainty about watch it I have always believed. That. You keep working hard. And can you do the right thing that opportunity that he so I have no doubt. I usually go L. If you have one of you call me when you make up your mind. Took crazier things it's. This is you.

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