Celebrating the life of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas

The actor once invited ABC News’ David Muir into his Hollywood home to talk about ‘Spartacus’ and also about the blacklist scandal that rocked Hollywood.
3:05 | 02/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrating the life of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas
Finally tonight here, we celebrate a Hollywood legend, Kirk Douglas. We all remember so many of his famous roles. We also remember our visit to his home not so long ago. It was 2012 when legendary actor Kirk Douglas invited us to his Los Angeles home. He took us into his backyard. I want to show you two things. Reporter: He wanted us to see his garden. It's where he told us he would celebrate the moments, the beauty of life. Especially after he suffered his stroke. A rose garden. Big tall trees. And that made me believe in god. Reporter: There was the sculpture of him through the years. We can see the resemblance. Can you see the resemblance? Reporter: And the walkway in his garden, the stones signed by his famous friends along the way. Natalie wood, Frank Sinatra. Reporter: Natalie wood, frank Sinatra. Ule breyner. Reporter: Yule Brenner, yeah. Eddie fisher. Robert Steele. Elizabeth Taylor, too. He was one of Hollywood's original leading men. So long, Gracie. I got to be going. Reporter: More than 80 films. It was 1949's "Champion" that would make him a star, and earn him is first Oscar nomination. For the first time in my life, people cheering for me. Reporter: But it was "Spartacus" in the 1960s that showed his strength on and off screen. What's your name, slave? Spartacus. Reporter: Douglas in the leading role. And at the time, Hollywood, America was consumed by the blacklist. Are you now or ever been a member of the communist party? Reporter: The hearings, the writers, the actors called before congress amid accusations they were communists. It was the worst time in Hollywood. Reporter: Do you remember being silenced yourself by the fear? Well, everybody told me I was crazy. Reporter: He says they told him he was crazy to put his own career on the line, when he hired one of those writers on the blacklist, Dalton Trumbo, who had been writing under an assumed name. People would say, Kirk, you won't work again. Reporter: You gave him credit? Yes. Reporter: Putting that writer's real name in the opening credits. And when "Spartacus" became the top movie, the blacklist was broken. It became the number one movie in the land. Yes that was 50 years ago. You were not born. Reporter: I wasn't, but I've done my reading. His trademark humor was still every bit as sharp, showing me the scrapbook his wife of 65 years, Ann, made him. He showed us the family photos, the portrait of his famous son, actor Michael Douglas and his family. His son Michael saying, to the world, he was a legend, an actor from the golden age of movies who lived well into the golden years. A humanitarian. But to me and my brothers, he was simply dad. Dad, I love you so much and I am so proud to be your son." Kirk Douglas was 103. David? Reporter: Thank you. I liked talking to you. Reporter: Well I loved talking to you. We did love our visit. A Hollywood legend being celebrated by so many.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"The actor once invited ABC News’ David Muir into his Hollywood home to talk about ‘Spartacus’ and also about the blacklist scandal that rocked Hollywood. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68810995","title":"Celebrating the life of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas","url":"/WNT/video/celebrating-life-hollywood-legend-kirk-douglas-68810995"}