Celebrity Bling Helps People Get Back on Their Feet

Trendy fashion statement is the" key" to opening doors to a better life for those in need.
2:21 | 06/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrity Bling Helps People Get Back on Their Feet
Hollywood dream could a simple key unlock a second chance for so many people who aren't famous tonight the singer who had a simple idea and I went to find out why she and her workers. Our America strong. Like so many young singers and songwriters -- Crosby has a Hollywood dreams. Just listen to -- lyrics. Yes. But who -- it turns out -- being measured by something else. A simple keep helping warm but so many -- faces after Ryan Gosling during his -- actress Selena Gomez with Hearst -- F front Eva Longoria. Even Arianna Huffington proudly wearing hers -- every one of those keys now opening the door for someone else and we want to find out how. Walking down the street in a way behind -- simple white door. -- -- -- -- -- getting -- -- -- a singer who -- -- performs wearing a necklace with a key on -- the idea becoming so popular fans began buying them because you thought if it's taking off this quickly and we ought to have a purpose behind -- which he struggled with what to do. Until one day walking in Hollywood she met a couple without a home. The girls -- -- -- Hillary and that I had my aha moment she turned to them to begin making you keys everybody say yeah. They were -- more than twenty employees now making those -- -- stamping and each one of them a message of strength. Orders coming in from all over the country but money helping to hire more workers helping to get the unemployed and the homeless back on their feet what is she doing. Darnell who -- world news ABC and Nigeria theory with me. So what he faces here given another chance what would mean my husband passed the way we met Neeson who lost her husband suddenly. He had a great job they had a home but when she lost him. She lost everything everything he's done what he -- -- -- -- she's now -- those messages to -- Courage strength. And fearless the key eyewitness. But don't worry tonight they're the ones making all luckiest some even wonder is Taylor Swift wearing one right there. Tonight those keys for so many. I'm walking a second chance yeah well now yes yes what the game -- -- -- giving he's giving a gift and proving they are America's straw.

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{"id":24204343,"title":"Celebrity Bling Helps People Get Back on Their Feet","duration":"2:21","description":"Trendy fashion statement is the\" key\" to opening doors to a better life for those in need.","url":"/WNT/video/celebrity-bling-helps-people-back-feet-24204343","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}