Celebs' Nude Photo Hack Raises Security Questions

FBI is involved in the investigation as the question is raised how safe is your private information from hackers.
2:09 | 09/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebs' Nude Photo Hack Raises Security Questions
Perhaps you've read that headline today, some famous faces saying their photographs were stolen, hacked. Tonight the FBI is on the case as we ask how safe is the private information, the photos you've stored through your computer and is your wi-fi making it easier for hackers to get your information? ABC's Lindsey savsey Davis back on the case tonight. Reporter: An invasion of privacy tonight, impacting some of the biggest stars in the world. Personal photos of some a-list celebrities were reportedly posted on photo-sharing site 4chan, allegedly obtained by hacking "Cloud" accounts, those huge servers that can automatically back up every picture you take on your phone. Even if you have deleted photos from your phone, oftentimes they've already been uploaded into the cloud. They continue to exist. Reporter: Apple said today they are investigating if their cloud service was breached. But researchers say many of us are making it all too easy for criminals to access our most private information. We are cruising the streets of New York, scanning for unprotected wi-fi networks. Currently we have 260 networks and we've traveled about what? One yard? Reporter: Security expert Chester Wisniewski finds almost a quarter of wireless networks have weak or no protection. Leaving emails, financial accounts, everything exposed. I can see their instant message conversations, the photos they're sharing. Reporter: And when you're on the go, remember that free public wi-fi comes with a privacy risk too. Is it safe for me to go on there? It's very easy for an intruder to see everything you're doing. Reporter: It's an opportunity for hackers, some setting up fake wi-fi hot spots to entrap you. When we set up a free network called free public wi-fi. We got two iPhones and an iPad. Reporter: Users were logging in in less than five minutes. Simple tips. Put your router near the center of your home, not near the window, always accept the updates on your phone. Watch those passpasswords, the longer the better. Important steps to prevent anyone from peeking into our lives. When we come back here

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{"id":25208467,"title":"Celebs' Nude Photo Hack Raises Security Questions","duration":"2:09","description":"FBI is involved in the investigation as the question is raised how safe is your private information from hackers.","url":"/WNT/video/celebs-nude-photo-hack-raises-security-questions-25208467","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}