Central US braces for more severe weather

More than 125 tornadoes have been reported throughout 11 states since Monday.
2:37 | 05/25/19

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Transcript for Central US braces for more severe weather
Next to the holiday clam, the relentless rounds of severe weather. 30 million Americans in the storm zone sweep federal government Texas to the great Lakes. At least 125 tornadoes across 11 state this is week with more expected. New storms bringing more heavy rain to already saturated ground there in Oklahoma. Tulsa residents warned to get ready to evacuate if high water causes the levees to break. All this plus extreme holiday heat. Here's ABC meteorologist rob Marciano. Reporter: Tonight, the center of the country bracing for more severe weather. You can hear the hail on the roof of the car. Crazy rain out the front windshield. This is a powerful supercell. The region slammed by days of dangerous storms. This ef-1 twister with winds up to 110 miles-per-hour touching down near Iowa city Friday. This is incredible. This is a multi-vortex wide tornado. You can see the entire mesocyclone on this tornado rotating. Reporter: With 125 reported tornadoes in 11 states since Monday. Parts of Kansas getting more than 5 inches of rain in the last 24 hours, a flash flood emergency in Wichita Friday. Along the Arkansas river outside Tulsa, the keystone dam releasing water at more than 1.8 million gallons per second, putting pressure on the levees. They have never been tested like they will be over the next four or five days. Reporter: Downstream first responders going door to door. Looking for people that might not have made their way out, that might be stranded. Reporter: Officials describing the flooding in muskogee as "Catastrophic." I've not seen anything like this, and I've been through hurricane Katrina, Houston, and I haven't seen anything coming up this fast. Reporter: Residents anxious as more storms loom. Rob at the center of it all in the Texas panhandle tonight with the latest on the forecast. Rob, good evening. Reporter: Good evening. As you can see it's still we have had a tremendous amount of rain here in the Texas panhandle, hence flash flood watches post here almost all the way to Chicago. Show it to you on the radar. Action across parts of western P.A., and some tornado watch up her through western Oklahoma. The setup remains the same. That's why it's been such a painful week for severe weather. The ridge in the southeast bringing that holiday heat and almost daily rounds of thunderstorms. Mid 90s tomorrow Atlanta, Charleston and Charlotte. Again Monday, probably right into the week, looking for thunderstorms from D.C. In tornado valley, threats of severe weather during the afternoon tomorrow. Tom? Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"More than 125 tornadoes have been reported throughout 11 states since Monday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63278907","title":"Central US braces for more severe weather","url":"/WNT/video/central-us-braces-severe-weather-63278907"}